I’m thinking RR needs a little oomph, so I will be experimenting with different formats over the next few days.  If you stop by and are taken aback by a new style, just think of it a surprise treat from the gumball machine!

By the same token if you have any ideas or suggestions about how to dress up the old homestead, let me know


4 thoughts on “Redecorating…

  1. Bwana:
    I like this look, I especially enjoy the picture. I would say it is from a Shad-Planking? Am I correct? Even if I am not it is a great picture and the new look is great.


  2. The picture you refer to is out of cycle at the moment, but while it looks like a Shad Planking picture it is actually from one of Senator Byrd’s Box Dinners back in the 1950’s. That’s John Battle, Senator Byrd, and Bill Tuck eating fried chicken.

  3. Bwana:
    My good friend, thank you again, I picked out Byrd and Battle and was wondering – Bill tuck. thank you again. Like the new look and take care,


  4. I also like the picture of Jess’s Quick Lunch! A few good Jaycee memories with you there and I am sure from your college days you have many more. Take care,


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