Creighnomics and the WaPo-Revolting and Revealing

Once gain, the WaPo misses the point.  Yeah, I know-nothing new, but worth noting.

The WaPo ran a column on Sunday (8.30.2009) that chastised a McDonnell campaign ad. The advertisement quoted Deeds as saying he sponsored the most supplemental budget amendments. The ad goes on to say the Deeds supplemental amendments totaled 1 billion dollars. The entire rest of the General Assembly combined-both houses, both parties-offered a combined 7.7 billion dollars in amendments. In other words, on average all other members offered up amendments totaling $55,400,000.00….or $944,600,000.00 less than Creigh Deeds.

The writer, Anita Kumar, chastises the McDonnell campaign for not saying that 870 billions dollars of Deeds Billion was for teacher salaries. Last time I checked, that’s the type of complaint that come from the opponents campaign-not from the media.

She finishes her hit piece (because let’s face it, that is what it really is) by saying Deeds is proud of his support of teachers, and that McDonnell says he supports raising teacher’s salaries but has not said how he would do it.

Here’s the thing-and here is why this is truly a hit piece-Creigh Deeds has not said how he is going to play for it either.   Deeds submitted a boatload of spending bills to benefit an interest group he wanted to endorse his candidacy without offering up (1) what taxes he wants to raise to pay for his spending spree OR (2) what programs he would cut to enable the payment.  And you know he hasn’t, because if he had the WaPo surely would have mentioned it in the article!

So the WaPo takes a purely partisan pose to nitpick an ad for revealing Deeds tendency toward profligate spending-and his being proud of it…and then not so obliquely criticizes Bob McDonnell for not doing…what their candidate of record has not done.

Therein is what is equally revolting and revealing about the Deeds campaign and the thesis kerfluffle.  Deeds apparently does not have record that is worthy of running on-or else he would be running on it.  He is more than willing to propose all sorts of spending bills, but unwilling to say how he will fund them.  It is revolting and quite revealing that he wants to move beyond his record, and even his opponents accomplishments and proposals, and instead try to make the campaign focus on an academic paper written two decades ago.

The WaPo has shown their true colors and will try to keep the pot brewing…because they long ago ceased to be objective in their political coverage.

But despite the WaPo efforts to pull Deeds over the line, I have a hunch that by October 1 the thesis will be old news, and all that will be left will be Creigh Deeds trying to find other ways to distract attention from his General Assembly record and his lack of ideas and his taste for unrestrained spending that can only be called Creighnomicsa willingness to fling money with great abandon at any problem without bothering to mention how it is going to be paid for.

It is revolting and revealing, both for a candidate for high office and also his prime media supporter.


5 thoughts on “Creighnomics and the WaPo-Revolting and Revealing

  1. Bwana:
    Why should Creigh spend any campaign trashing Bob when he has a national newspaper to do it for him. I will just say the “article” should really just have had the tag line at the end “Paid for and Sponsored by Deeds for Governor”
    Who is going to start calling the paper on nonsense like this? I guess, we should just stop buying the paper or start a boycott of the advertisers.


  2. Sumba, if you are referring to me, nothing is farther from the truth. As I have stated elsewhere, I have a great personal respect for anyone wants to serve the public. The WaPo has done great things and is the paper of record in the DC area.

    However, I suggest that Senator Deeds attempts to win the governorship without putting forth a program-or at least one that would be enacted and can be afforded by the state is at the very least troubling.

    The efforts of the Post to attempt to affect the campaign and to step beyond the news and make the news through a combination of bad reporting, bad analysis, and less than equal treatment of the candidates is equally troubling.

    I eagerly await the time when the Post lists all the programs that Deeds says he wants to enact, tallies the cost, and then goes after Deeds to tell him how he is going to pay for them…until then, I think it is fair to say the WaPo coverage is biasedl

  3. My response is similiar to Bwana’s, I know both gentlmen running for governor very well. Both individuals, albiet for different reasons, exemplify what is good about serving in elective office. I like and respect both individuals a great deal. The WaPo however is a different story in that because of the instances described above and others, I have lost confidence in their ability to objectively report the news.


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