Rishellian Desperation in Va-50

We have already seen desperation kick in for the Dems in the Deeds campaign…and now we see it in the House of Delegates race in Va-50.  It’s not interesting that a trailing candidate slings mud-what is interesting is when the candidate continues to sling that same mud when it is shown to be false.

On September 1 Jeannette Rishell attacked Delegate Jackson Miller for refusing to participate in an NAACP debate following receipt of said information from Norma Field the organizer of the event for the local NAACP

You will recall that Delegate Miller beat Ms. Rishell soundly in a special election to fill the seat upon the death of Harry Parrish, and then pounded her in the 2007 election in the wake of a variety of prevarications, miscues, and a strong philosophical attachment to any issue she thought might work for her…which given the results apparently were not to be found.

Ms. Rishell’s press release of September 1 really gives Delegate Miller the dickens for his “refusal”.

The only problem with all this is that it may not be what actually happened. As reported here in the News & Messenger, Delegate Miller had a pre-existing commitment on the date proposed. While he was working with the NAACP leadership to find a different date, Norma Field-who was coordinating the event and is a contributor to the Rishell campaign-claimed Miller had refused to debate.

Any question about Miller’s position is put to rest by Ralph Smith, president of the organization’s Prince William branch. After noting that he recognized that Miller had conflicts in his schedule:

“It was my understanding that it was more of a ‘could not’ rather than ‘would not,’” Smith said of Jackson’s predicted absence from the debate.

Smith said Jackson apologized for not being able to attend in October.

“I have a written statement offering an apology to the organization for not being available on that date,” Smith said of Jackson’s response.

Smith said “time constraints” might make rescheduling difficult, but added that Miller expressed a “strong interest” in a debate or forum of some sort.

This matter is at best a tempest in a teapot over scheduling or at worst a dishonest attempt by a Rishell partisan to create an issue where none exists.

But here is the kicker that shows the Rishellian desperation-her campaign still has the press release prominently displayed on their website.

The President of the Prince William County NAACP chapter has stated that there was no refusal…and Ms. Rishell still has the inaccurate press release posted on her website!

Maybe she is using the same logic Terry McAuliffe used when it was pointed out his claims about how prison populations are projected was inaccurate yet he continued to make the same claim-namely, that he was “comfortable with the logic”.

Jeanette Rishell, just as in 2007, is so desperate to win she is willing to say anything to win-even if it isn’t true.

Apparently she wants to run an Al Davis campaign-“Just Win, Baby!”…and it seems like her efforts are doing as well as his football team the Oakland Raiders have recently.


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