Groh Must Go!

Losing the season opener to a 1AA team? At home?

Al Groh may inspire tremendous loyalty among his players, and he is clearly quite skilled at preparing his top players to get a shot at playing in the NFL.

But his primary job is to coach the University of Virgina football team so they will win games…and he is and has been failing miserably at that.

Groh Must Go-and he needs to go today.

UPDATE: My comments from three years ago still seem to hold water…


4 thoughts on “Groh Must Go!

  1. Every report that I have seen weeps for the WaHoo’s “tragedy” but none congratulate the Braves, no Indians, no Tribe (without feather) for their hard fought victory.

    After the NCAA took away their feather, I thought the W&M Native-American Family Unit, would be demoralized, but the loss of the feather seems to have made the Green and Gold pissed enough to finally take it out on somebody. Too bad it wasn’t the NCAA political correctness worshipers.

    As for the CAVs, if anyone has heard their, “Come Watch Us Play” radio spots, those guys sound like the most inarticulate “student athletes” on the planet.

    Now that Old Dominion has football, UVA should revert to DIII. Randy-Mac could give them stiff competition.

  2. JTB, I assume that those who support Bill and Mary have adequate literacy to toot their own horns. Am I incorrect in that line of thinking?

  3. Mr. Ballance, Don’t start writing checks with your mouth that your body can’t cash. W&M won this years matchup and for that they deserve credit. But that is pretty much where it ends. UVa. over the last few years has been brought down by a leader who has lost touch with reality. However they will someday return to their normal position in the ACC which is somewhere just south of the middle. Once and a while they will reach new heights and end up just north of the middle and we will all be happy. So enjoy your victory cause it will most likely be short lived.

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