Rishellian Idiocy in Va-50

Two days ago I noted Jeanette Rishell’s desperation in Va-50 in working with one of her campaign contributors in the local NAACP to claim that Jackson Miller refused to attend a debate sponsored by that organization.

You may recall that I noted that Ms. Rishell still had her 9.1.2009 press release claiming refusal at the same time the News and Messenger had published an article in which the local NAACP president said Miller had not refused, that it was a matter of conflicting events and that Miller was working with them to find a new date-refuting in all ways Ms. Rishell’s contention.

All well and good-sometimes in the sturm and drang of a campaign mistakes are made-and the good campaigns back away from them quickly.

Not Jeanette Rishell-she prefers to compound the error.  Ms. Rishell’s candidacy-much as it did in 2007-has now moved beyond desperation to idiocy.

If you go back to Ms. Rishell’s web site, the same press release is still prominently displayed, and has updated it to reflect the same News and Messenger article cited above.

That’s right, she has amended her press release (as of 0818 on 9.6.2009) to point readers toward a news article that proves her press release contention is at best erroneous and at worst a complete prevarication.

Please, PUH-LEEZE, can someone explain why she (a) keeps pushing a demonstrably false campaign claim, and then (b) amends her on-line press release to link to an article that shows she is in error?

Desperation-now idiocy-what next, madness?

UPDATE: The News & Messenger comments on Rishell’s shenanigans and ask that she start fact checking.

UPDATE 2: As of 1600 hours on 9.6.2009, Ms. Rishell’s press release still links to the story refuting her allegations.  This is starting to look like she has Max Bialystock running things for her.


5 thoughts on “Rishellian Idiocy in Va-50

  1. That Democrats in the 50th could not come up with a better candidate than this moonbat, or moonfruit, or whatever, speaks ill of them, given Miller’s vulnerability as a relatively “new” Delegate.

    And love the new format, bwana.

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