Silly Deeds

As we enjoy our Labor Day festivities, we should all take a moment and consider all the silliness that is assailing us from all sides as the Virginia Dems pull out the stops trying to win this election.

Let’s face it…Creigh Deeds is running a puzzling campaign.  He has spent the last two weeks trying to Macaca Bob McDonnell over a twenty year old thesis paper, but as recenly as September 3 he claims that is not his real focus.

He talks this talk while he is apparently in the process of shutting down a campaign HQ in vote rich Prince William County (courtesy of Greg L at BVBL).

The over the top efforts to make this campaign about something other than transportation, jobs, etc, as pushed by his campaign and that of the WaPo has become ripe for satire.

Meanwhile at NLS Ben offers up an inflammatory post claiming Bob McDonnell is attacking women based on campaign ads posted by the McDonnell campaign.

But when you click the ad images Ben posted you see they are all all ads attacking the Nancy Pelosi health care plan.  I have to assume this is just a valiant effort to boost his hit count.  Unfortunately, the post also shows Ben’s best efforts are seen in his analysis and not in his hyperbole.

Does Ben really mean to say that if a woman serves as Speaker she cannot be attacked politically?  Or is Ben taking up the cudgels of righteous indignation because he thinks this dainty flower of the Pacific coast by way of Baltimore is too frail to stick up for herself after entering the rough and tumble world of partisan politics.

The first idea is silly, and the second idea is silly and chauvanistic.

Silly behavior, silly attacks, silly contentions, silly posts, and even silly chauvanism…and all to get a man elected who rarely speaks of his what he wants to do as governor, is unwilling to offer specifics as to how he will fund his plans, and is cannot run on the record of his predecessors because when you look behind the curtain-t’ain’t nothing there!

Silly Deeds…done for free!


4 thoughts on “Silly Deeds

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  2. Bwana:
    The main thing now is that we need to keep the pressure and light on the campaign and it will soon be time for McDonnell to start kicking Deeds as well.

    Good posts!


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