Dug Out Dave Marsden-The Absence of Courage

As we head into the fall everyone is focusing on the statewide elections. I suggest that here in Burke we have an equally pressing need-the need to get the representation we deserve in the House of Delegates.

Four years ago Dave Marsden, former legislative aid to GOP moderate Jim Dillard, defeated the very conservative GOP candidate Michael Golden in a campaign that was distinguished by Golden claiming political attacks against his wife that were non-existent. Marsden went to Richmond on the wings of a 60% vote that included GOP types like myself who could not stand the idiotic campaign run by his opponent.

Delegate Marsden reported for duty with a wealth of government experience and a promise to hit the ground running. In 2007 Marsden was unopposed from the git-go, so he has had four years to make an impact in Richmond.

Unfortunately he choses partisan intrigues over substantive legislating and representation. At a time when we need legislators who serve as a Profile in Courage, Dave Marsden clearly denotes the Absence of Courage. He really needs a catchy nickname, like “Dug Out Dave”, something to capture his utter willingness to hide instead of fighting for what he thinks needs to be done.

I am sure he has done a fine job on constituent requests…there are birthday hello’s and basic administrative needs to be been seen to. However, I suggest that is the minimal requirement for adequate representation. I think the folks in our district (Va-41) require something better than “adequate representation”.

Delegate Marsden has been active participant in the Virginia Democrat “Do Nothing Power Policy”. Over the past eight years the Democrats in both houses of the General Assembly chose to avoid offering a real plan or policy to deal with transportation, education, or a host of other issues. Instead they sit by and hope that the GOP delegations fracture and hand power to the Democrats without a need for folks like Dave Marsden to do anything substantive to meet the state needs.

I wrote about this more than two years ago when I noted the Marsdenian Polka on transportation spending.

You see, one human quality that annoys me to the nth degree is the person who tells folks how things should be done, and then refuse to live up to the standards they have pronounced.

Dave Marsden (D-Burke), my delegate, did that recently in The Burke Connection (issue for September 6-12, 2007). He derides the recent transportation bill, then says he voted for it only because it was the only alternative. He attacks those who sign “no tax pledges” because although no one likes taxes they are a necessary evil, and signing a no tax pledge means a legislator has “substituted your allegiance to the Commonwealth with a promise to a special interest group and its ideology”.

Of course, this offers little cover for Delegate Marsden, who as one who has not signed a “no tax pledge” presumably had much more latitude to introduce and advocate for higher taxes. Of course, he fails to talk about what taxes he thinks should be raised. While claiming that a 1.5 cent tax increase on a gallon of gas would have raised the same $65 million that the abuser fees are attempting to raise, he never comes out and says he supports it [Emphasis added].  Marsden certainly provides no info to suggest that he introduced a bill to make this happen.

Dave Marsden is quick to point out problems, and equally quick to point the finger at the other party…but he won’t offer solutions. He announces the need for a fight, then hides in his dugout avoiding the fight and/or taking a position.

This is not the kind of representation we deserve.  Constituents deserve the industry and the ingenuity of their elected officials, but more than that we need representatives who are more concerned with doing right by their people and less with protecting their chances of being reelected.

If asked, Dug Out Dave may say “but I am in the minority in the House of Delegates-my bill would have been defeated”. I would reply, “You don’t know that-why didn’t you stand up for your convictions and the needs of the district?”   I would also ask if this means he thinks we need to elect a GOP member to better protect our interests.

If pushed, he might say “It’s not smart politics to introduce legislation you know will lose”. My reply-“You don’t know that it would lose, and I think what you really mean is you don’t think it’s not smart politics to introduce legislation to let folks know what you really think.”

We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate.

Think about what he said two years ago-he disagreed with the GOP plan, and thought there was a better alternative.  Yet he voted for a plan he didn’t like and refused to introduce legislation pushing what he says is a better alternative?

We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate.

This is the year we need to make a choice to give us the representation we deserve.

We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate…and we deserve more that Dug Out Dave is offering.

Come November, I suggest there is a way to get the representation we need and deserve.


13 thoughts on “Dug Out Dave Marsden-The Absence of Courage

  1. I would never vote for anyone who signs one of those silly pledges, but your points seem well taken about this kind of legislative passivity. If you get elected to an office, you’ve got to do something with it, not just take up space.

  2. Kerry Bolognese will make an outstanding Delegate to represent the 41th District. I agree with you that “We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate.” Kerry exemplifies your ideal Delegate.

  3. I’d like to see someone explain to me how Kerry Bolognese is any different than the Michael Golden of 2005. His positions appear identical. Perhaps Dave M. could accomplish more, but couldn’t we all? Why elect Pat Buchanan’s man? It’s unwise (crazy) to vote for Bolognese.

  4. Bruce, that’s a fair question, and one I will address in the near future.

    But I will say this-the weakest link argument cuts not ice with me. We can all accomplish more, but any of my failures to do so does not impact you and vice versa-the failure of an elected representative to do all he can impacts all those he was elected to serve.

    Additionally, exactly which Golden positions you are referring to…I mean, beyond the generic “identical” reference.

  5. Can you explain to me how Kerry exemplifies the ideal delegate?
    I was planning on voting for him, but when he came to my door, hedidnt tell me anything he wanted to do. Then he handed me a lit piece that said “Vote no on Dave Marsden”.
    Does he just want me to vote no on Dave or does he want me to vote for him? He will get my vote why I am told what he can do better.

  6. Kristy, I don’t know that I can layout why he is the “ideal” delegate…the only person I can think of who fits that description is my wife. But I will in future posts lay out why he is preferable to our current delegate.

  7. Bwana,

    The reason you can’t layout why Kerry is not the “ideal” candidate is because he isn’t. He is far inferior to Marsden. I can’t see the utility in playing into your hands in trying to make an argument ON YOUR SITE for Marsden. This is an environment in which you hold all the cards. On this and subsequent posts you DON’T give any reason to vote for Bolognese, you just write about how Marsden is less than you expected.

    By the way, Bolognese’s site quite cleverly uses code words to cover the fact that he is completely in thrall to the FAR right VA GOP base. No Taxes…ProLife…its in there… ‘Nuff said. It’s Golden redux. The GOP I grew up in and continue to love is NOTHING like this.

  8. Well, Bruce-I will let your inferred insult pass…but will note that all comments are approved that meet the posted guidelines (see pages above).

    It is unfortunate you choose use what seems like a posting excuse (I really don’t know what you mean by “hold all the cards”) to run from defending your candidate. It is altogether telling that you while you take generalized whacks at Bolognese over “code words”, you don’t bother to actually defend Marsden, his record, or contest anything in the original post.

    ‘Nuff said, indeed.

  9. Bwana:

    Oh yeah. And if I were to write the “Killer App” that would totally shred your position and arguments in support of the candidate of the bigots and chauvinists (RPVirginia-the Macaca Party) it would be posted without editing (or posted at all). Yeah, that is totally worth my valuable time (honk). Let’s just see if (and how) this gets through.

    Marsden is the candidate of Moderates; Bolognese is the candidate of those not so much.

  10. “awaiting moderation?” What, not “Moderate” enough for you? See what I mean? (Addressed to the reading audience.)

    I wonder which candidate will get the endorsement of the NRA….or of Operation Rescue….?

  11. Sorry response moderatino did not happen as fast as you want…internet connectivity went out. Like I said above, my posting policy is up…follow it and approve anything that comes through.

    So when do we see the “Killer App”

  12. Dear Most Excellent Sir Bwana:

    Your words:

    “3. Anything I think needs to go goes. My joint-I serve who I want and what I want and when I want.”

    (By the way, that should be “whom,” the rule is referring to the direct object….)

    So in other words, “don’t expect a level playing field” from Bwana. Expect to be edited, abridged, summarized and “emphasis added” to the extent of Bwana’s trying to make the writer appear as to have failed Elementary English and Logic. No thanks. Under your rules Katherine Crabill (GOP candidate VA HOD District 99) looks quite a lot less insane. (Ballot Box/Bullet Box… 🙂 )

    Once more:

    Marsden is the candidate of Moderates; Bolognese is the candidate of those not so much.

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