Back to School Blues…

School begins agan to day in Fairfax County, and we have done our job stimulating the economy buying school supplies by the gross.  Also, my children apparently need new back packs as often as Imelda Marcos needed shoes.

But the real sadness is that today WMD #3 starts kindergarten.  For the first time ever, SWMBO will have have a house empty of children for several hours each day. 

I know that sending your WMD #1 will start 5th grade, and WMD #2 will kick off 3rd grade.  But the idea that my baby starts school today is causing me no end of the blues.   I am in fact a bit verklempt.

Maybe it is the fact that he does it with four stitches in his lip courtesy of a fall on Saturday does not make it any easier.  But off he goes, into the wild blue yonder.

My fingers are crossed, my prayers are said…now it’s game time.

Wish us luck!

UPDATE: In an apparent effort to save money, our stop changed from one off of Coffer Woods to one on Coffer Woods…which makes it more dangerous for the kids waiting and creates more of a traffic backup to get kids, which wastes commuters time and also burns more fuel and will cause the FFx schools transpo office to be inundated with calls today…so much for this new stop saving money, much less anything else…


One thought on “Back to School Blues…

  1. Bwana:
    I bet it will not be as sad when you start taking them all to college. Don’t blink too much, that day will be here before you know it. Look at how long it has been since we were both single Jaycees together – and that to me seems like it was just yesterday. Good Luck with all of them in school and the new adventures of parenting. Take care my friend,


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