Eight Years Later…

September 11, 2001

We Remember…

We Remember Where We Were…

We Remember What Happened…

We Remember Those We Lost…


We Will Never Forget


4 thoughts on “Eight Years Later…

  1. While the attacks were unique and spectacular, Americans need to end the Post 9/11 hysteria. Here is some data to help place the deaths in perspective:


    1. Tobacco 435,000
    2. Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000
    3. Alcohol 85,000
    4. Microbial Agents 75,000
    5. Toxic Agents 55,0001
    6. Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347
    7. Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000
    8. Suicide 30,622
    9. Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000
    10. Homicide 20,308
    11. Sexual Behaviors 20,000
    12. All Illicit Drug Use, 17,000
    13. Non-Steroidal Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,600
    14. Total Deaths All 9/11 Attacks 3030

  2. Dear JTB, with all due respect I suggest that “unique” and “spectacular” are terms more appropriately reserved for blockbuster action movies and Broadway shows, not for acts of violence that killed thousands of people.

    I cannot help but note that the vast majority of causes of death you cite-and I have learned never to argue numbers like this in a blog-came from individuals own self destructive behavior or is a the grounds for a civil action.

    That is quite different from a paramilitary assault against a nation. While an argument can be fashioned about the Pentagon being a military target, I doubt any of the folks who were in the twin towers went to work knowing that doing-oh-financial analysis meant they were choosing to offer themselves up as military targets.

    Speaking for folks like my father in law, who was an SAIC contractor and was one wedge over from the point of impact, I am confident the same can be said of many at the Pentagon.

    I think we have moved beyond hysteria to and remembrance and commemoration. All wounds heal-but not until the scab closes.

    And if you think eight years is enough, you should think again-just consider the many World War 2 veterans, some of whom never saw combat, who to the day they died refused to purchase German or Japanese cars. I know they existed-I buried one in September 2008.

    Shoot, there are those who not only commemorate the American Civil War and those that served and those that died…is that hysteria?

  3. President Obama has proclaimed this a day of service and remembrance. By encouraging citizens to translate their sadness over the 9/11 murders into constructive actions that will strengthen America, the President is sending a message to would be terrorists that we will continue to get stronger, and that our collective grief must not be interpreted as a signal of weakness.

    The message that we must send to potential enemies is that America remembers, but we will not let hysteria cause us to suspend the Constitution and the United States shall remain a place where the People rule.

  4. Excellent and true-but I am still waiting to hear about the hysteria you feel is rampant…I mean, are they up in arms or down in the dumps in your neck of the woods?

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