Dug Out Dave Marsden-But He’s Got a CV!!

“Dug Out Dave” Marsden is proving himself to be equal to that car you bought for sound reasons but never performed like you thought it would.  This November he should get a well deserved recall.

Have you ever purchased a car that met all your specs and desires, but it never quite panned out?  That four wheel drive you got for off-roading, only to discover that it didn’t sit high enough off the ground to really get out and get dirty?  Maybe it’s a hybrid you bought to go green, only to find that it is too small for your needs.  The positive enironmental impact was offset by the fact you had to make two trips. 

Happens to us all.

Dugout Dave is very much the same.  He ran for office in 2005 with an impressive Curriculum Vitae of government work, community activism, and even served as an interim department head under Jim Gilmore.  Lots of stuff to get him ready to represent you, and just as perfect as that four wheel drive or that hybrid car.

But then he got elected.  It was time to do something with that marvelous resume…and he chose to sit in the dugout and avoid conflict and controversy.

We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate.  

Nope, old Dugout campaigned on his resume and all the great things he would do in Richmond.  Instead he chose to hide away and fling partisan arrows and not take a stand on the big issues facing the state.  The big C.V., that hint of greatness, was an envelope devoid of real positions.  Maybe he is preparing to run for statewide office on a Democratic ticket…

We deserve the industry, ingenuity, and the courage of our delegate.

You buy a car and all its promise-understood.  But once you realize that car isn’t working out then you go looking for a different car.

Dugout Dave has shown he’s all CV and lacking in courage or a willingness to make hard choices.  The voters of District 41 need to head back to the dealership on election day.


One thought on “Dug Out Dave Marsden-But He’s Got a CV!!

  1. So… in your opinion, Dave Marsden has a CV but you are gravely dissatisfied with his performance in office. You believe he should be replaced by the voters this November. Fair enough. Verbose, but it’s all there (you finally got it out).

    HOWEVER, I notice that the opponent candidate, Mr. Kerry Bolognese is not mentioned once in your essay above. I tend to think that this was an semi-intentional omission on your part. You know as well as I that CVs come from performance. Marsden has performance; Bolognese has far less. Why confuse (or clear) the matter by mentioning Marsden’s opponent? Are comparisons now useless?

    Next, so it must be reiterated; do we vote for a candidate that is the creature of the Republican Party Virginia (RPV)-The Macaca Party? The one that wants to get into your personal business. The party of bigots and chauvinists. The party that believes public works and infrastructure come out of thin air (or debt). Go to the RPV website and then go to the Bolognese website. Twins separated at birth. Taxes BAD, ProLife GOOD. It’s THEIR way or the highway (believe me, following their way, with roads built on air you’ll be in the traffic jam a long time).

    I’m a moderate. I will vote for Dave Marsden, the candidate of moderates. Kerry Bolognese doesn’t have the CV of Dave Marsden, but he has the RepublicanPartyVirginia-Macaca to obey instead.

    Dave Marsden: the candidate of the moderates; Kerry Bolognese: the candidate of those not so much.

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