Deeds Commitment to Expediency-Collective Bargaining

I will make it short and sweet…Creigh Deeds again shows off his genuine Commitment to Expediency.

The gory details are available at the Virginia State FOP site.

Creigh Deeds responded to the Fraternal Order of Police poll earlier this summer.  Question #1:

In the US Congress, HR 413 is a bill designed to provide collective bargaining rights for pubic safety officers employed by States or their political subdivisions has been introduced. If passed, this bill will allow for the first time in Virginia the right of public safety employees to meet and confer with their employers to negotiate wages and benefits. It is well known that Virginia is one of only a few states that has right to work laws. This Bill is on of the FOP top priorities in Congress. As Governor what would your position be on the passage of this bill and the right of public safety employees to meet and confer?

Creigh Deeds response to the above question.
I am a strong supporter of collective bargaining rights for public safety employees. As a legislator, I have voted for the right of workers to meet and confer. As governor, I will continue to support meet and confer for public safety employees in Virginia.

In August Candidate Deeds reiterated his support of collective bargaining for public employees at a local FOP meeting attended by the FOP Legislative chair.

On September 14, addressing the Virginia Sheriff Associations annual conference Candidate Deeds announced he did not support collective bargaining for constitutional offices. When pressed he said he did not support collective bargaining for public safety, “period”.

When challenged on his response to the FOP poll, he said a “junior staffer” had “checked the wrong box”.

I don’t know, but from the FOP site it seems like there was more to this than box checking.

Will Bob McDonnell be a big proponent of collective bargaining by public employees?  Doubtful.

But what we see here is a pattern.  Currying favor by submitting spending bills without any plan how to fund them, and shifty position slides hither, thither, and yon…and a pattern of doing so going back ten years.  A candidate who will not lay out a transportation plan, but plans to wait until elected and rely on “relationships” with the legislature to make things happen.

The last one especially amuses me…I would love to see someone try to get a bank loan based on that logic…

We see again that the only issues Creigh Deeds is commitmed to…are those that in the moment seem best calculated to get him elected. 

You draw your own conclusions about the right choice for Virginia…

h/t to Yankee Phil for the heads up!


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