Line of Week on Deeds Campaign Consistency

Another entry in the “I Wish I Wrote That” Category-that perfectly captures the Deeds campaign desperation.

Each week Bob Holsworth offers his “Seven on Sunday” thoughts at Virginia Tomorrow.  On 9.13.2009 he touchedon the Deeds campaign new attack on Bob McDonnell as untrustworthy on taxes.

Now this is just pitifully laughable coming from a man who bragged that he submitted more supplemental spending bills than anyone else in the last session of the General Assembly, and who has consistently submited spending bills without any suggestion on how they will be financed-offering up a taste of down home cynicism that would make Boss Crump smile.

But all this came after weeks of Thesis Thumping…which leads me to the comment I so admire:

I think that it will be crucial for Deeds himself to address this matter head-on and let the public know exactly where he stands. But you gotta love politics- last week your opponent was a troglodyte conservative, this week he’s a closet liberal.

I wish I’d thought of that one…but the observation points up yet again that consistency is not something that Creigh Deeds is known for.  Anything to win the election…


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