Dishonest Deeds-Creighnomics at Work

Have you noticed in all the furor over Creigh Deeds horrendous performance at the Tysons Corner debate-I mean, beyond stumbling over his answers and being condescending toward a female reporter- what he said about the General Fund?

No new taxes for the general fund…that is what he said.

Then how is he going to fund the many initiatives he describes in his campaign plan?  Shoot, how does he intend to fund the one billion dollars in supplemental spending that he submitted during the last session of the General Assembly?

We know he lacks the courage to say how he will fund the transportation changes he wants to make.  He will leave that up to a bipartisan commission.  This is disingenuous at best.

But to say he is going to do all these new things in education, public safety, economic development, and act as if they won’t cost a dime?  To say in public as he did last week that he will not raise taxes fro the General Fund?

With a 1.5 billion dollar shortfall (which is oh so miraculously being diminished by closing interstate rest stops) in play, how does Creigh Deeds intend to fund his new intiatives-which may or may not be in addition to the immense spending he pushed last session?

It’s going to have to be by new taxes, taxes which will hit the general fund.

Folks-no matter how bumbling he appears above, the man has been in the legislature long enough to know that new initiatives require either budget cuts from existing programs or new sources of revenue.

When Creigh Deeds says he will not increases taxes for the general fund, he is not being straight with us, he is…well, I hate to say it, but I think we all know what Creigh Deeds is doing, and that Joe Wilson’s comment about the president says it all about Creigh Deeds claims about his tax policy.


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