Disingenuous Deeds

After the fruitless search of my print edition of the WaPo, I went online to find the electronic copy of the Creigh Deeds plan.  Upon discovering it I saw that unfortunately once again Deeds has chosen to be disingenuous instead of direct.

He has lots of things he wants to dom and they will take funding, but has not one suggestion how to fund it. Instead he plans to dump the problem in the lap of a “bi-partisan” commission. He will attack Bob McDonnell’s suggested funding plan, but he won’t offer his own.

Creigh Deeds has neither the courage nor the conscience to accept his responsiblity as a candidate to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He refuses to clearly what he thinks must be done. He says he will approve a funding proposal from a commission he selects, but in doing so he builds in plausible deniability. Shoot-they could come back with the biggest tax increase seen in the history of the Commonwealth and Creigh Deeds would sign off, saying “I promised to approve what they came back with…it’s not my fault this is what they came back with” and wash his hands of the whole thing.

Of course, we know how well hand washing has typically worked in matters of governance.

Creigh Deeds still doesn’t have a plan-but this is typical of him. He has lots of ideas of what to do, and not one idea or suggestion about how to fund it.

No courage. No conscience. An inability to be direct. An inability to find solutions. An unwillingness to man up and say “this is what I want to do”.

There may be offices and positions that would welcome these qualities, but Governor of Virginia is not one of them.


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