Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Endorses McDonnell

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce today announced their endorsement of Bob McDonnell for governor.

The endorsement statement, as reported by the Washington Post, said in part:

“Mr. McDonnell earned the support…because of his overall stronger support for the Fairfax County Chamber’s priorities, specifically for identifying a plan for transportation,” NOVABizPAC Chairwoman Fran Fisher said.

Unlike other groups, the Chamber has no history of purely partisan endorsements. In 2001, the Chamber endorsed Mark Warner (D), and in 2005 endorsed Jerry Kilgore (R).

This endorsement is not the first from the business community for McDonnell, having already been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Virgina AG pac, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, the Virginia Credit Union League, and the Virginia Association of Realtors.


One thought on “Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Endorses McDonnell

  1. Bwana:
    Well the chamber has come to the same conclusion that many of the rest of us came to sometime ago, McDonnell is the better person to serve as Governor during these unsettling times. Yes he has a plan for transportation and Deeds does not – although some would argue that McDonnell’s plan will not come close to raising the necessary funds to complete the projects – to which my reponse is well we don’t know if we don’t try and if you don’t have a plan at all (Deeds) then how can you say what will and will not work. Further, do you have a plan to lead this state, and run this government through difficult budget times and not run red ink, once again Creigh has not given us any inkling that he can do that.

    Governors, like Presidents have to make decisions and some of those decisions are “tough calls”! So as voters we make choices every November and in the coming weeks I think the choice is clear – go with the individual who has shown he has the courage to make tough decisions – my choice is McDonnell.


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