Wilder won’t Endorse Deeds-And It Hurts

Former Democratic governor L. Douglas Wilder will not endorse Creigh Deeds.

Both sides will begin spinning like wild…but this is a setback for the Deeds campaign. I imagine this decision has spawned exceptionally creative cursing in the Deeds HQ.

This has to hurt Deeds to some degree…despite the Democratic spin like you see here or the crickets at BlueVa or BlueCo (which actually is much the same crickets that came out after the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce endorsed Bob McDonnell).

If Deeds didn’t want the endorsement, why was the President calling him? Why was The Gov begging Wilder to endorse Deeds?

Because Wilder’s endorsement has impact and has value in some parts of the electorate. Obama and Kaine and others know it…and they also that his non-endorsement has impact in those same parts of the electorate.

Wilder’s decision may only be a small blow…but it is a blow nonetheless.

UPDATE: The crickets are chirping at full tilt at BlueVa, and they are not happy!

UPDATE2: BlueCo has finally decided that the Wilder non-endorsement is a non-event. Of course, they too choose not to tell how it is that until 9/23/2009 the Wilder endorsement was so important he was courted by Deeds, Tim Kaine, President Barack Obama, and other high potentates of the Democratic Party, but on 9/25/2009 the endorsement is suddenly “unimportant” and a “non-event”


One thought on “Wilder won’t Endorse Deeds-And It Hurts

  1. Bwana:
    Of course they say it is a non event, with this election as tight as it is becoming, neither candidate can really afford to have group stay at home or just by pass their particular ballot.

    Having said that, Wilder’s non endorsment doesn’t hurt McDonnell really at all, while it is not good news for the Deeds campaign. It is a sign that not everybody has fallen in line with their parties choice and it is not helpful to the nominee to have divisions going into a tight election.


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