Gerry Connolly’s Inflated Self-Esteem

My congressman Gerry Connolly (Va 11) was part of a WaPo online discussion yesterday, in which he again demonstrated his self-esteem has all the growth potential of baking bread with an overload of yeast.

Among the highlights: Gerry praised Obama, slammed Eric Cantor, extolled Creigh Deeds. Connolly also, who as Board Supervisor and now Congressman sucks up to anyone who will give him campaigni money, explained “I am a cosponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act. This legislation would provide public funds for qualified congressional candidates once they demonstrate broad public support by raising a large number of small donations.” Which begs the question-given how dependent Connolly has always been on big donations, would he qualify under his own legislation?

But the best part was this exchange:

Q: Arlington, Va.: Would you consider running for Governor in 2013? Honest answer, please.

Notice the request for an honest answer, implicitly letting us know he expects Gerry to lie (Oh, there’s that word!). Keep in mind Connolly by that time would have not completed three terms in the House of Representatives…so we know that the only logical answer is “No, I am trying to make a mark in House, and enjoy representing Va-11”. Instead…

A: Rep. Gerry Connolly: After we elect Creigh Deeds in this year’s election, we’ll all have plenty of time to speculate about 2013.

He refuses to say he won’t be running for Governor of Virginia in 2013? This less than prepossessing man who has only now gotten to Congress, who now has what at least one Congressman calls his “dream job”? Who will not have completed (at max) three terms in Washington?

I think an inflated self-esteem is too mild by far…but you get the idea.


One thought on “Gerry Connolly’s Inflated Self-Esteem

  1. “Notice the request for an honest answer, implicitly letting us know he expects Gerry to lie”

    Doesn’t everybody expect him to lie, he does it about so many things, including things that are easily refuted, that it is always my expectation he is lying.

    Case in point, at least week’s Haymarket Day (and on numerous prior occasions) he asserted that he had “secured” streetscape funds for the Town to the tune of $500K (he has made identical assertions to Vienna, Quantico, etc.) and the only jeopardy those earmarks face comes from the Senate budget cutters in the conference committee (in truth Davis used to pull the same stunt year in and year out). Now being somewhat skeptical, I have kept a close watch on THOMAS and the all of the finance, transportation, etc. committee sites for legislation and draft legislation containing those earmarks, total number found (and I have doing this type of research for a quarter century) for the 111th Congress, zero, zippy, nada or in soccer parlance nil.

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