Olympia 2009-Prejudging Results…Too Close to Call

The Olympia prejudging is over. 

Prejudging is where Jay Cutler saw his dreams evaporate in 2008.

Jay Cutler may have used prejudging in 2009 to propel him to a historical finish in 2009.

By all accounts Cutler and reigning Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson are the class of the field, and it looks like it is neck and neck going into tonights finals.

Kai Greene and Phil Heath both looked good to really good, but not great.  Victor Martinez legs were off, Dennis Wolf seemed puffy and not as granular as 2008.

But the really big shock was Branch Warren (Oooh-rah!).  Branch has apparently gone from someone who commentators thought might hit the top ten to being a really solid shot for the top five.

Comeback or Continuity?  We shall see!  I have a hunch this bodes well for Jay Cutler, who has always come in stronger on Day 2 than on Day 1.


6 thoughts on “Olympia 2009-Prejudging Results…Too Close to Call

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