Olympia 2009-Jay Cutler Makes History!

Last night Jay Cutler did what no man in the history of the Mr. Olympia contest has ever done…reclamed a title he lost.

After the uncertain displays in 2007 and 2008, there were those who doubted Cutler could readily bring his A-game during the critical pre-judging.  He answered the doubts with an effort that rivaled his 2001 form, when he came second to Ronnie Coleman but many thought he should have won.

If Cutler was historic, then Branch Warren was shocking.  Warren is known for granular mass, not so much for form, and has received much Olympia respect…so his second place finish had jaws dropping.

The Top Ten:

1. Jay Cutler
2. Branch Warren
3. Dexter Jackson
4. Kai Greene
5. Phil Heath
6. Victor Martinez
7. Ronny Rockel
8. Toney Freeman
9. Hidetada Yamagishi
10. Moe El Moussawi

The Blade dropped back to third, while Greene and Heath rounded out the top five. Heath suffered a stomach virus in the 24 hours before the contest began, dropping eight lbs and certainly impacting his performance. Dennis Wolf, whom many tab as a future Mr. Olympia, dropped from the top five in 2008 to 16th in 2009.


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