Deeds Bumper Sticker Gap

I saw this phenomena several times in Tysons at lunch today, and it is happening enough to mention it.

Many years ago I learned the peculiar CR science of bumper sticker application.  Not just the application, but the idea that the best place for a bumper sticker was on the front right bumper, so all those folks coming at you could see it.

I was also taught that bumper stickers were more than an advertising tool, but also a way to measure awareness of and excitement for a candidate.

By this time in 2004 the area was inundated in “W 2004” stickers, far outnumbering the Kerry stickers.  By this time in 2008 the area was awash in the various iterations of “Obama” stickers. Kaine 2005 vastly out ran Kilgore in the sticker sweepstakes, as did Webb over Allen in 2006.

This year, I noticed something a little different. 

As I make my way to and from work and around the highways and byways of Northern Virginia, I have noticed a fair amount of cards with McDonnell stickers.  I have noticed far fewer cars with Deeds stickers.  But what has really caught my attention is the number of cars that are loaded with multiple stickers of the Mark Warner/Webb/Kaine/Obama variety, with several also carrying a Byrne sticker.

I find it strange that  so many of these drivers who seem devoted to one or several past Demo candidates are not jumping on the Deeds bus.  That doesn’t mean that they are going to vote GOP, but it does offer an indication that either:

a) The Deeds campaign is short of funds to pay for bumper stickers, or
b) Despite all the hype and the Thesis and the dirty campaigning and millions from labor unions…the Democratic base in Northern Virginia still is not excited about Creigh Deeds

Each points to a different kind of problem. If it is “b”, and the base is still not fired up in an area where the Democrats of all sizes need a big turnout, then Creigh has yet another problem.


One thought on “Deeds Bumper Sticker Gap

  1. I don’t think its necessarily a lack of excitement about Deeds but larger disapproval from liberals and Democratic activists who disapprove of the President.

    I don’t think Bob is winning over votes, but I don’t think many voters are actually sway-able at the end of the day. Whats going on is the people who would normally remind, badger, and drag people to vote are not motivated over ire at the larger Democratic Party, like Tim Kaine. There is really nothing Creigh can do short of pictures of Bob McDonnell eating puppies he drowned to motivate the base.

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