Is Mark Warner on the Highway to Hell?

My old scout master was pure death toward deceit, and when faced with a known falsehood would say “You can go just as straight to hell for lying as you can for killing someone”.  Those who have read the Ten Commandments understand the theological underpinnings of his statement.

US Senator Mark Warner would have done well to heed his advice.

I have long held that Mark Warner is no stranger to prevarication. His demands for a tax increase that it turned out was not needed for the reasons he demanded, his bait and switch tactics in Democratic politics, his hypocritical attacks on senate colleagues are all part of the record that shows Mark Warner need not put in for any integrity prizes.

But his latest comments in backing Creigh Deeds are simply amazing…

Key line: suggesting Deeds is the better choice because he knows that “keeping taxes low and controlling spending” are the best ways to keep a pro-business environment in Virginia.

Did Mark Warner miss the memo that…

1. Deeds has guaranteed he will raise taxes if given the chance?
2. Deeds has bragged about the one billion dollars of supplemental spending he offered up in the last General Assembly session?
3. At the same time that Creigh Deeds has offered legislative initiatives and campaign promises promising massive spending increases, he did absolutely nothing about controlling spending while in office. As a candidate Deeds has promised only to create an “efficiency committee”, which on its face sounds less like a way to control spending and more like a Big Brother attempt to sound good while creating patronage positions?

Mark Warner once again ventures into that Valley of Action bounded on one side by the Mountains of Ignorance and on the other by the Cliffs of Hypocrisy.

Either he is (1) completely ignorant of Deeds positions or (2) knowing full well what Deeds says he will do Warner is out there claiming positions for Deeds that are completely contrary to everything Deeds has done in office or has campaigned for on the stump.

Yep-cue AC-DC here…

Now some will say he has to do this out of party loyalty, even though his claims are so far off base as to get a call-out from Congressman Joe Wilson, and that his intentions are good…

That suggests something about a road paved with good intentions, but the full quote slips my mind… 😉

Nonetheless, I know exactly what my old scoutmaster would say if he saw Mark Warner’s latest ad.

SO, we leave with a long distance dedication to US Senator Mark Warner and his political integrity:

Party On, Mark!

 P.S. Oh, and although Mark Warner is talking about the “efficient” government Deeds will continue, he forgets to mention how The Gov is being chastised by Congress for Virginia not using its alloted stimulus funds. Yep, at the same time the Kaine Gang is complaining about lack of road funds, there is over a half billion dollars of stimulus funds allocated to Virginia that lays fallow…


2 thoughts on “Is Mark Warner on the Highway to Hell?

  1. This is from the same guy who said I will not raise taxes, then did so when we didn’t need to. The prior post has it correct – how long does he think he can fool all of the people all of the time – I hate to tell you Senator, the hard working, taxpaying citizens of this fine Commonwealth are not as dumb as you percieve and while we may make mistakes on election day from time to time, we have also been known to correct them at the ballot box. Take care Bwana and have a good weekend.


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