The Ironic Affirmative Case for Deed

In the wake of months of negative ads leading Creigh Deeds to a nine point deficit in the most recent polling, Bob Holsworth suggests an affirmative action planfor Creigh Deeds, part of which is highlighting Virginia showing up on “best managed state”, “best place to do business”, etc.

The only problem with this line of reasoning is that they have done this only because the GOP has refused to raise taxes. To quote Alanis Morrisette, “Isn’t it ironic?”

I discussedthis a six weeks or so ago.   If the state is well managed and good to do business in, it is in no small part due to an unwillingness to raise taxes.  As I noted then it is not that the Democrats wanted to govern that way, and Tim Kaine about the time I posted that article went on to talk about all the great things the Democratic Party would have done if only the GOP had agreed to increase taxes.

Mr. Holsworth also talks about making tough choices in cutting tough budgets.  However, as I noted six weeks ago that one can easily discern in Mr. Deeds rhetoric and Governor Kaine’s comments that governmental economy was not and is not their first choice.  Clearly it is a choice forced on them by a GOP unwilling to raise taxes.

You can see that it is ironic that a significant part of the Affirmative Case for Creigh Deeds comes from his predecessors running things well because they were not allowed by the GOP to run things the way his predecessors wanted to run things.

Perhaps there is an affirmative case for Mr. Deeds…but as I said only six weeks ago:

Deeds should be able after eight years of Democrats in the Governor’s mansion to campaign across the state pointing to either a record of accomplishments or a list of specific policies the GOP has stopped-and that he can enact with electing him and a democratic majority to the House of Delegates. However, he can do neither. In eight years the Democratic Party has not taken a stand on policy, they have not offered a plan or a direction for the state. They have not been willing to draw a line in the sand and announce their position-instead they have waited for the sands of time and of ideological infighting to cause power to drift to them painlessly and without risk.

Neither Warner nor Kaine led during their term in office. The GOP refusal to budge on taxes forced Warner and Kaine to adopt the practices that have garnered these “Best” awards Brother Holsworth refers to, and which neither of them wanted to adopt.

Isn’t it ironic that the Affirmative Case for Creigh Deeds is possible in great part because of a no tax increase policy he is rejecting and that neither Mark Warner nor Tim Kaine wanted to follow?


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