They Say It’s Your Birthday!-Bwana Turns 50

Yep, today I turn 50…and energetically make the turn into my 6th decade, completely confident that any beauty I have lost is more than offset by the wisdom I have gained…and a good look at my various driver’s license pictures indicates the older I get, the better deal I am getting.

And to top it all off, as a special present my wife got me a kitchen redecoration.

Really, she swears it is for me. Honestly!

Have a great day, and treat yourself to a Goo Goo Cluster in my honor if you get the chance!


7 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday!-Bwana Turns 50

  1. Well Happy 50th Bwana! I am not too far behind you. I hope you enjoy the day and spend it with the ones you hold most dear!!


    PS 50, man, you really are an “Exhausted Rooster!” – does that mean you are now a retired Colonel in the Corp of Virginia Gentlemen?

  2. Happy Birthday, Bwana. You have a real gift for the written word and I’ve enjoyed your contributions for a long time. Just remember (as I hardly can) that 50 is the new whatever.

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