5 thoughts on “America’s Scouts-Armed and Dangerous!

  1. Bwana:
    Can We Get An Amen!!! You put this incredible and stupid situation right where it is. These ignorant rules only hurt the law abiding and do nothing to stop the criminals and riff raff who seek to defy the law. I remember the very argument you refered to and I sided with the Winchester and Christiansburg folks – but again the argument went no where and unfortunately the Jaycees did eventually stop doing the program, however, I think not from any official vote, but because the individual chapters did not want or need any hassles while trying to do something in their communities.
    I think we as citizens should never stop demanding freedom and responsibility in all things we do as Americans and we should vote out any school board member who votes in favor of these stupid rules and fire any administrator who enforces them against kids who are doing no harm. Lastly, we should set up a fund to help with the legal expenses for the parents who choose to take these matters to court.
    Okay, now I can get off my soapbox – have a good weekend Bwana!!


  2. Obviously, you are correct; this is absurd.

    I’m an Eagle Scout, and carried my Scout knife to school every day from the day I became a Boy Scout in the fifth grade until I graduated.

    As I recall, I frequently used it to aid teachers in occasional need of a knife.

    Just as obviously, the government schools reflect the government policy that you should NOT “Be Prepared.” After all, the prepared have little need for government.

  3. You’re in good company, as my little brother only got to Star before becoming distracted by “the smell of perfume and gasoline.” It’s made him quite an advocate for getting to Eagle: his son did, and he’s positively adamant about it with his nephews.

  4. Well, looks like the media blitz I designed for him worked pretty well. He made it onto Hannity last Thu. night. Now I can’t turn on the TV without seeing a story about him or at least his name in a news crawl at the bottom of the screen!

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