Dan Snyder-Man Up and Pull the Trigger

We all know the basics…the Washington Redskins offense is bad, the team seemingly has no coherence, the o-line is ragged, the young receivers selected by Vinne Cerrato have not yet proven themselves.

There is little doubt that until owner Daniel Snyder selects a proven football guy with good instincts on personnel to run the football side of things the skins will be mired at the low end of mediocrity.  However, rumor has it there will be a press conference today where it will be announced that Sherman Lewis will assume play calling responsibilities in an attempt to resuscitate the offense.

That’s right-Sherm Lewis, not the offensive coordinator.

I think Snyder is putting off the inevitable GM change, which he how has to do because there is a business reason to do it-the ‘skins have a bad product, and if it is not improved fans will be staying away.  However, he knows it will be difficult to grab a personnel guy mid-season, so he is trying to take half steps before doing the big dig and excavating and building a new front office.

So let’s get it done.  Zorn clearly is finished.  This consultant stuff is not only professionally emasculating but personally mean.  Get rid of Zorn now.  Pull in someone from the current coaching staff to be head coach-my pick is Joe Bugel, who has enough piss and vinegar in him to fire folks up for the balance of the year.

But to have Zorn as head coach, and Lewis calling plays?  Do that and if things continue to fold the next devolution will be Lewis blaming the players (who he is not coaching) if plays don’t work.  At the same time Zorn will be saying Lewis is not calling plays that match the talent on the team.  There will be no “the buck stops here” place in the organization…

…except where it should be, on the desk of Daniel Snyder.

Come on, Dan-man up and do what you need to do to resuscitate the franchise.  Think of it as a business necessity.

Zorn now…it is the decent thing to do.  Vinnie C at seasons end, if only because you will be unable to fill his position halfway through the season.


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