Democratic Despair and Desperation

The despair felt in some quarters of the Democratic Party is palpable.   The White House is playing the Blame Game.  Deeds staffers are saying the it’s all over (later identified in the comment section as Susan Swecker).  Even Lowell Feld, as tenacious a gamer as the Democrats have (does that make him Tenacious-D?) is clearly upset about how things have been done…but is keeping his counsel until after the election. In today’s print edition the WaPo tucked a story about the AG debate onto Page 4 of the Metro section.

Nonetheless, some are not giving up hope. In fact, some are fighting so hard that Norm Leahy reasonably asks if Robert McCartneys recent anti-Cuccinelli screed should be considered an in-kind contribution.

However, some are getting desperate. Some are the basic run of the mill desperate, like Democratic delegates running over the top advertisements to try and save their seats.

Then there is the way out of bounds type of desperation, the kind that stinks of fear and failure.

Steve Shannon expected a walk in the park this fall, as did others who opposed Ken Cuccinelli for the AG nod. However, SenKen has run a smart, disciplined campaign (just like I said he would), and one can only think he has benefited from the gap in the gubernatorial campaign.  Shannon argued against having a special session of the GA Cuccinelli said was needed to address court room testimony issues…a special session that was ultimately convened.  Shannon has shown to have no idea of the basics of how the AG’s office actually works.  It appears He Who Would be King has no clothes.

Faced with unexpectedly stiff competition, dropping further into a well of despair, proved to have no clothes. Shannon has not only gone negative, he has tried to dredge up race as an issue. SenKen had the appropriate response and analysis:

That is truly desperate and over the line…[Shannon] He was just…trying to throw a grenade in and, frankly, it’s terribly inappropriate.”

Yep, and it is evidence of what the next ten days have in store. By the time we are through, the desperate Dems will likely have accused their GOP opponents of everything from killing Cock Robin to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

Such are the wages of despair and desperation…the new Deedsian condition.


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