Put Another Poll on the Barbie, Creigh-Down 18 pts at VCU

Adding to the stunning polls released yesterday, today VCU/Commonwealth Poll releases a new poll showing Creigh Deeds 18 points down to Bob McDonnell at a pace of 54-36

The poll shows McDonnell leading in all parts of the state. Yes, all parts of the state, including Northern Virginia (54-38).

Some of the numbers seem really out there, like the tweet from NLS claiming rumors that Deeds internal tracking polls show him down 24 points.

Dems seem to bracing for the worst next week. BlueVa and NLS has reconsidered HOD race outcomes. Chris Cizilla reports that Deeds is cutting back massively on television spending.

The Deeds campaign has apparently cut back to $400K in NoVA television advertising. This amount buys them 400 gross “rating points”, which means average viewer will see Deeds ads four times in a week. The typical buy at this time is for 2000 points, meaning the average viewer sees an ad for a candidate 20 times.

Oh, and the WaPo put the Obama Tidewater Trip on page two of the metro section print edition-hardly big time placement.


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