Chap! Labels Cooch Supporters “Freak Show”

Chap Petersen attended the Vienna Halloween parade last night.  Apparently he was not happy about the enthused Cuccinelli supporters riding unicycles and waving “Don’t Tread on Me” signs.  He calls it the “most bizarre” sight of the evening and labeled the exercise a “Freak Show”, and his comments were noted at NLS and at BlueVa.

Of course, being called a “freak show” within a Halloween parade is typically considered a good thing…but Chap! seems miffed.  Of course, it will be one of the things people will remember about the parade, as opposed to the sight of the average politico strolling down the street shaking hands.

Whatever happened to the good natured Chap! we are all used to?  Bad polling numbers must be scrubbing away his affability.

h/t to NLS!

UPDATE-After drafting this, I trawled back over to NLS where Chap! posted that he had dropped the “Freak Show” reference. Apparently even some dems thought it inappropriate to refer to political supporters that way.


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