Where’s the Beef?

I keep hearing all these predictions of the GOP scoring HOD gains in excess of five seats, but no one is saying where they are coming from.

James Martin at BlueVA is guessing +3 or 4 GOP gain, and lays out the when/where, but no one else.

So how about it GOP big win guys? As Walter Mondale and Claire Peller said, “Where’s the Beef?”

Where are all these delegate gains coming from?

If they happen later, you can celebrate…but you don’t get to claim you were right unless you can offer chapter and verse before 1900 on which specific seats will get picked up!


One thought on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. net pick up is 6

    Flip Seven
    Villanueva defeats Mathieson
    Stolle defeats Bouchard
    Hyland defeats Keam (flips Shannon’s seat)
    Comstock defeats Vanderhye
    Anderson defeats Nichols
    Greason defeats Poisson
    Morefield defeats Bowling

    Minus One
    Torian beats Lopez (flips Frederick’s seat)

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