Kudos to Chap!

Last night I saw a lot of unfortunate comments…Dems saying Virginia had made “the wrong choice”, profanity being directed at the GOP on Twitter, and more. Not a lot of grace under pressure.

Then I saw this.

Excellent post Senator Petersen!  The appropriate tone to take…and good luck in your gubernatorial campaign in 2013!


3 thoughts on “Kudos to Chap!

  1. Well, Bwana
    I tip my hat to Sen Peterson, my only comment to add is that in the 35th House district, I will quote our friend from Emporia – “The people have spoken, the dummies!!”
    Oh well, take care.


  2. Yes, he does have to win reelection (just like Gerry C and all others I have heard mentioned), and Chap! has never dropped a general election.

    Oh, And if you want to compare numbers Chap! won Fairfax City with 62.9% in 2007…while running against an incumbent.

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