Va 37 Spec Elec and My Hunch on the Democratic Path…

Earlier today I mentioned that the Marianne Horinko site was up but really alive.  Tune back in at 1932 hours and-as Dr. Frankenstein said’-” Its’ Alive!”…but not as populated as her opponents.

Also a copy of her announcement press release is up courtesy of Virgnia Virtucon. Perhaps in her next press release she and her staff will not misspell Centreville. You would think a candidate for office would not misspell the names of the localities in her district.

Earlier tonight Brother Riley queried me if the Democrats are not going to run Oleszek, then who?

I still don’t know-as recounted earlier today, there are some bizarre variable facing anyone getting into this race. But although I don’t know who they will select, I do know how they will do it. It will be done quietly, smoothly. There will be a convention with only one candidate nominated. The lesson of the bruising gubernatorial primary is fresh in their minds, so they will come to an agreement behind closed doors and present a name to the world supported by smiling, unified faces.

They will hope the GOP three-way causes dissension, and they will hope to benefit from that dissension in the special election.

At least, that’s how I would play it.


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