Va 37 Spec Elec-“Dugout Dave” in the Spotlight!

Both Hoot Oleszek and David Bulova told the WaPo they will not be candidates for the Democratic nomination in the va 37 special election.

GOP bloggers across the state immediately went into a state of mourning at the news that Hoot was out.

Delegate “Dugout” Dave Marsden, darling of realtors in the Burke are, apparently will be amping up his house hunting.

It will be interesting to see if our old pal Dugout, whose undistinguished career in the House almost lost him his seat on election day, will choose to enter to enter that pathetic pantheon of peripatetic politicians already occupied by James Socas, Dick Black, and Stevens Miller, who all have two things in common:

1. They all attempted to carpetbag into elected office (Congress, Congress, and HOD respectively), and
2. They all lost.

Say what you will about Marsden’s carpetbagging, after four years in the General Assembly at least he is finally doing something to improve the local economy by picking up a new summer residence somewhere in the 37th…perhaps a lovely place in the Burke Conservancy?


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