Va 37 Spec Elec and My Hunch, Part 2-that Dang Calendar

Last week I suggested that Tim Kaine would pick a special election date that gives the dems the best chance of winning the seats.  Given how things are going, I am picking the date as January 12th.

Why?  Kaine will pick the longest date to give Dave Marsden as much time as is needed to arrange a carpetbag parachute into Va Sen 37.  The General Assembly  convenes on January 13, 2010.  FYI-Bob McDonnell will be sworn in on January 16th, 2010 (first saturday after second tuesday in the january immediately following gubernatorial election).  If a date is set past January 12, then Kaine and the Democrats face the charge of leaving the 37th unrepresented in Richmond due to partisan intrigue.

Now the funny thing here is that if the date is on January 12, then the nominating date-firehouse primary, convention,etc., has to be set, called for, in such a way as to meet legal requirements.  I am guessing that a January 12 special election means the nominations need to be five weeks in advance, which means nominations no later than December 8.

The irony?  Virginia has a thirty-day residency requirement to vote.  If my anticipations and calculations are correct, then unless DugOut Dave has already moved and declared a new residency-then he won’t be able to vote for himself for the nomination for the office he would be seeking on a nominating date of December 8 or earlier!

Rich-absolutely rich!  Heckuva way to start a campaign!


2 thoughts on “Va 37 Spec Elec and My Hunch, Part 2-that Dang Calendar

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  2. You would think that in an area with around 200,000 people, the Democrats could find someone who already lives in the district.

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