Mea Culpa-Bwana Blows It!

There is a very good reason I never thought to become a lawyer…the bane of legal research…

While I was correct earlier today in noting:

24.2-954. Campaign fundraising; legislative sessions; penalties.

A. No member of the General Assembly or statewide official and no campaign committee of a member of the General Assembly or statewide official shall solicit or accept a contribution for the campaign committee of any member of the General Assembly or statewide official, or for any political committee, from any person or political committee on and after the first day of a regular session of the General Assembly through adjournment sine die of that session.

I missed the later section that reads in part:


C. The restrictions of this section shall not apply to a contribution (i) made by a member of the General Assembly or statewide official from his personal funds or (ii) made to the campaign committee of a candidate in a special election.


Yep, so a member of the General Assembly can raise funds for a special election.  My bad-blew that one.  I will do better next time.

Thanks to Mike K. for so delicately pointing this out-as well as his personal knowledge of the Cuccinelli family health insurance needs-in the comments section of the post prior to this one.


4 thoughts on “Mea Culpa-Bwana Blows It!

  1. As we now have it in Virginia, corporations, PACs and citizens who do not even reside in a particular district can give money to a candidate.

    If we want the voices of the citizens of each district to be more clearly heard, we must take the following steps:

    1. Eliminate corporate contributions. Corporations are profit making entities whose by-laws mandate that they expend money only with the expectation of a return on that investment. This is perceived by the citizens as corruption.

    2. Eliminate PAC contributions.

    3. Restrict contributions to come only from citizens whose PRIMARY residence is within the district.

    4. Cap the amount to the federal limit for an individual contribution.

    These reforms will amplify the voices of the citizens who reside in the respective districts, and restore the representative relationship between our elected officials and the citizens who reside in their areas of representation.

    Campaign finance reform will enhance the ability of the individual citizen to be heard.

  2. Bwana:
    I would have to concur somewhat with the Loudoun Insider, Mike K could have found a more gentlemanly fashion in which to correct your oversight. In other words, like he has never made a mistake before!
    Hey Bwana you’re 50, you are still due some mistakes and the benefit of the doubt, so Mike K can go get an attitude adjustment!
    Take care good sir!


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