Random Ruminations 11.16.2009

A few random ruminations on a bright monday morning after a weekend of scouts, church stuff, and leaves…

Excellent article by Ben Tribbett regarding Bi-Partisan redistricting after the 2010 census.

Got mailers from Horinko and Nance this weekend.

Still haven’t heard about the results of the Dem polling, but amazed in other articles that Marsden backers don’t see the need to import a candidate in Va-37 as representing a weakness in the Democratic Party.

Speaking of Dave, in last week’s Connection he is quoted as saying, “I live about 100 yards from [the 37th Senate District]. I could literally throw a rock and hit it from my door step.“. Apparently Delegate Marsden doesn’t understand the term “literally”…or he has an arm so strong that he should look to join the NFL and not the State Senate.

Speaking of Marsden and his supporters, a random IP address check shows that a Marsden backer is posting here under multiple names. While I appreciate the desire of folks to use a pseudonym, around here they need to pick one posting name and stick to it. The posting policy has been appropriately amended.

Democratic bloggers are going out of their way to cite polling data and the badly managed Deeds campaign to support the contention that President Obama was not a drag on the Democratic ticket. I guess there must be a difference between Obama, the Individual and Obama and his policies, because there sure to seem to be a lot of voters who are upset with his policies.

Speaking of Obama and bloggers, isn’t is funny how when a trend is political trend is broken-like 2008, the Democrats carry Virginia in a presidential race for the first time since 1964-it is the result of hard work, discipline, changing tides, and the like…but when a political trend and breaks against them, it is dismissed as simply being part of a pattern, as if the election was always a foregone conclusion? It’s as if the opposition did nothing during the 2009 elections. Seems like whistling past the graveyard.

Were the 2009 Virginia results a repudiation of labor political efforts? We shall see…

Many have said at length that Deeds is the weakest Virginia statewide candidate ever.  Using 1969 as the benchmark for the years post -Byrd Machine, I think they must mean Democratic statewide candidate.  Do a top to bottom analysis, and I Maurice Dawkins, John Chichester or Eddy Dalton on the GOP side could make the same claim.  I put Chichester at the top of the list, as Dawkins and Dalton ran with the patina of gimmick or celebrity  as the driving claim behind their efforts.

Kitchen renovation almost finished…

Too Conservative takes a solid look at Frank Wolf. Clearly the Democrats are still ticked at him for taking on popular, well financed opposition in three straight cycles and winning in good times and bad for the GOP. I have long heard folks wonder why Congressman Wolf is considered a moderate. Well, when the Tea Party folks say he isn’t conservative enough, and the Lowell Feld/Judy Feder wing of the Democrats scream he is too conservative, you end up seeing he is a a moderate conservative congressman with interests and concerns across the spectrum and not specifically wedded to a litmus test-which seems to be exactly what Va-10 wants.

Belated recognition-the full slate of Dems being polled on in Va-37 (as per NLS) is: Dave Marsden, Chuck Caputo, Janet Oleszek, Kathy Smith and Luann McNabb.


4 thoughts on “Random Ruminations 11.16.2009

  1. As of mail call 11.16.2009:

    Horinko-4…plus a robo call…I reckon she’s got some bucks stowed away to do that many more mailings.

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