Steve Hunt in Va 37 GOP Primary

The GOP Firehouse Primary to select a nominee in the January 12 special election to succeed Ken Cuccinelli in Va 37 is today, December 1st, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at Centreville High School, 6001 Union Mill Rd. Any registered voter in the 37th District can vote.

All three candidates are quality folks, and all superior to the putative Democratic nominee. However, I will be voting for Steve Hunt. As usual, my reasons are slightly quirky, but here it is…

I won’t be supporting Marianne Horinko for a few reasons. The first is her stated goal to be the first woman governor of Virginia. While I have nothing against political ambition, I have found those who feel the need to share said ambitions with others typically don’t get there. I have in mind especially JMDD, who after winning election to the Virgina Senate in 2003 felt no qualms about telling the UVA Alumni magazine she planned to win reelection to the state Senate in 2007, run for Lt. Governor and then for Governor. We know how that turned out.

Ms. Horinko’s resume, while impressive, is appears to be the resume of a candidate a ranking cabinet position, not the Virginia Senate.  I have been swamped by flyers from her, none of which offeres a compelling reason she should be the nominee.  I also was not impressed by the multiple robo calls or the push pollster who contacted me…the conversation went something like this:

Pollster: “Did you know that Ms. Horinko is committed to not raising taxes”
Bwana: “Yes, I read her many flyers.”
P: “Does that make you more likely to support her?”
B: “Yes”
P: “Then you will be supporting Ms. Horinko?”
B: “Depends”
P: “Excuse me?”
B: “Ms. Horinko’s stand would count more if she could authoritatively show that her opponents are in favor of raising taxes. All the GOP candidates have come out against raising taxes.”
P: “Uhhhhhhh…”
B: “Why don’t you check on that and get back to me?”
P: “OK…”

So far, I have not heard back from the Horinko campaign.

Bottom line-I have been impressed by the quantity of campaign stuff sent my way, but not by the quality…plus even within that quality there is a certain amount of disingenuousness that leaves me cold.

Will Nance has sent me several mailers, and his campaign called yesterday to remind me to vote. However, his material somehow makes me think he would be better suited running for Congress than for the state legislature. I noted how he pushed his ability to fight back a unionization effort at Greensprings as a reason for choosing him. Somehow, I think in a right-to-work state that need is not as critical an issue as he imagines, but one that needs close attention on Capital Hill.

I like his record of work in the community, I like that he has at least some endorsements from within Va-37, but somehow I think his day is yet to come.

Steve Hunt has run for office in Fairfax County, served on the School board (elected countywide) and carried Va-37 each time he ran. He has a record of involvement in the local GOP that predates the 2009 election. While on the school board he sought alternative ideas to fix problems  instead of following the Demcoratic majority and choosing to just throwing money at it.

As noted above, all three of the GOP candidates are better choices than the putative Democratic nominee-but tonight I will be voting for Steve Hunt. I encourage you to do the same.


One thought on “Steve Hunt in Va 37 GOP Primary

  1. Bwana:
    I would have to agree with your choice here. Steve Hunt would make a great State Senator. He represented his constituents and himself very well on the County School board and as stated was willing to look at inovative ways to combat problems and not just be on the “Mo’ money” bandwagon. During his School Board service, I had reason to call upon him to look into an issue going on with some parents who where neighbors of mine and of all of the school board members contacted, Steve Hunt was the only one who sided with the parents and not with the administration, not even our own School board Member Stu Gibson, was willing to stand up for the students and their parents – who are also taxpayers.
    I have briefly met Mr. Nance and if first impressions are of any value, I share your view and assessment. I have never met Ms. Horinko so no comment.
    For all of you in the Va 37 Senate District, Steve Hunt is your best bet. He is and will be a honest, decent, no nonesense public servant.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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