Va 37 Spec Elec-Donuts, Coffee, and Ruminations

Some brief thoughts on last night’s GOP primary…

FCRC…Next time there is a firehouse primary in a state senate district, please have two polling locations.

The crowd was in good spirits throughout the time I was there. The weather was very pleasant for December, and there was no wind and there was no rain. By the same token, it could get a bit chilly…so I accepted every flyer I was handed and tucked it into my jacket as additional insulation. The polling place was in a library room on the front side of the school, and the line wound down a sidewalk in front of the school and then toward Union Mill Road. I got to work through the line with A group of sociable folks who had a variety of comments and commentary to offer on the evenings sights.

Turnout came in at 1,903…and if parking had been better handled and the line moved a little faster I bet the total would have cleared 2,000.

Team Horinko staffers walked up and down the line with jugs-o-coffee to keep folks warm and hydrated. There were also young folks handing out donuts. I could have sworn they said the donuts were courtesy of Marriott, but perhaps they said “Marianne”.

All the candidates were out and about. Will Nance and his wife (who is, btw, g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!) worked the crowd as a team from to back, then started over again. Marianne Horinko and Steve Hunt went low post near the polling entry. By the time I got close to the doors (about 9:55 PM after getting into line at 9:25 PM) Ms. Horinko seemed to be about half shell-shocked. Mr. Hunt was in conversation with some staffers/supporters so I missed his glad handing, but I will note he was natilly attired in a leather flight jacket. I halfway expected to hear Kenny Loggins blaring out of loud speakers with “Danger Zone”…

Delegate Bob Marshall was working the line, handing out his delegate card and urging folks to contact their delegates to support his “anti-Obamacare” legislation. Say what you will about Bob Marshall, the man works hard.

AG-elect Ken Cuccinelli worked the line early thanking folks for their support. From a distance one could mistake Cooch and Will Nance…which led to the suggestion that a perfect mailer for Nance would be “Vote for Will-He looks like Cooch!”

Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity bops down the line and participated in the search for a hearing aid that was dropped by a voter and lost…

The oddest part of the evening was Eugene DelGaudio, GOP supervisor from Loudoun County. Despite the fact that Va-37 does not lap over into Loudoun County, DelGaudio made sure to come to Centreville HS and walk the voters line to tell us the good news that Loudoun County had reversed a previous decision and a creche could be displayed in front of the Leesburg Courthouse.

More substantive analysis of the outcome is here and here.


3 thoughts on “Va 37 Spec Elec-Donuts, Coffee, and Ruminations

  1. “Gland handling” is part of an Obama initiative called “Spit the Wealth.” You all are salivating about it, I’m sure.

    Sorry I didn’t meet you at the polls, Bwana. I am much more easily recognizable in sunny weather.

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