2 thoughts on “Goutian Ruminations…

  1. Bwana:
    Sorry to hear of your bout with gout (no attempt at Dr. Suess intended) Again, black cherry juice and lots of vitamins E & C and it clears up in about 3 to 4 days – least that is my experience.
    I tend to think you are probably correct about most of the other ruminary items and I hope my good friend Steve Hunt does his best to exploit the carpetbagger line. Steve is a good honorable guy and will do well in the State Senate.

    I wish you and the Bwana family a happy, healthy (and gout free) New year!!


  2. Hilarious post title!

    I’ve been lucky enough to be hearing all about Richard Christie’s bout with gout on the Howard Stern Show over the last few weeks. It sounds awful! Take care of it.

    You other observations are spot on as always. You need to post more!

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