Va 37 Spec Elec-Making a List…Checking it Twice…

I sit here with the pain in my foot ebbing away, and I had an idea.  I would get back in the blogging swing by putting a list of my ruminations of the reasons I had for not getting behind my duly elected delegate who seeks to become my duly elected state Senator in the special election in 12 days.

First, I cannot really blame him for switching parties-he was not in step with the local GOP, thought he could run better as a Democrat, and made the switch.  Vaya Con Dios, mi amigo.  What I do find annoying is how he suddenly orphans his many years working for GOP candidates of all stripes and he and his backers and acts as if they never happened.  Anyone who has met Dave Marsden readily sees he has the personality of the civic booster, a Babbitt who once involved gets into all the activities of the group with great gusto-like going door to door for GOP candidates while serving as a legislative aide/liason for a sitting GOP HOD member.

My delegates four years in the General Assembly constitute nothing special.  The banned poster, the one who got caught using multiple user names from the same IP address, tries to paint my delegate as the victim of a GOP majority.  But my delegate has spent four years playing multiple games, and one of them is Creigh Deeds “Introduce Legislation to Suppose Support” tact, better known as ILSS.  This is when a legislator submits legislation that they know will be defeated because the funding doesn’t exist to support it.  But they do it so later they can say “I submitted legislation that would do x and y, and proves I am with you”, when all along that legislator knew the bills couldn’t pass because of budget strictures.   But since it was submitted only to prop up a policial career and not to actually do anything, he doesn’t really care if it passes or not…sort of like Creigh Deeds and the billion dollars plus of supplemental spending bills he submitted in the 2009 session to prop up his bid for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination.

The banned poster would suggest my delegate has passed legislation while in the HOD-and he would be right.  But look closely.  Some bills are specific constituent service legislation.  Other legislation comes from  people or groups with whom he is connected professionally and want him to offer a bill within his presumed realm of experience.  This is the minimal effort for a legislator, barely worthy of reelection…and certainly not worthy of elevation.  Next the BP would blame the GOP majority for not passing the bills…but go back to the ILSS concept, and you know why his bills didn’t pass and why my delegate has never made a big deal over their failure to gain approval.

My delegate, civic booster that he is, willingly joined the Democrats “Power on the Cheap” plan.  You know the deal…offer no new ideas or suggestions, just do nothing and hope the GOP imploded.  An example is seen two years ago when my delegate urged the GOP to join with the Democrats in raising taxes, but offered no suggestions about what taxes should be raised. Four years of pointing fingers and offering no solutions, or worse only offering cosmetic solutions…you know, like proposing a middle class tax cut at the same time when Trampoline Tim Kaine (I was against new taxes while running, but once elected I want them…) was announcing a need for budget cuts.

Next comes the tawdry practice of carpetbagging. That my delegate would do this should surprise no one. After all, he was in charge of recruiting Democratic HOD candidates for 2009, and apparently was in the mix getting Stevens Miller to carpetbag into Va-86 to oppose Tom Rust. Now my delegate is doing the same thing.

Folks who have read this blog for anytime know I don’t like carpetbagging, regardless of party. To paraphrase the US DA in “Absence of Malice”, it may be legal but dammit it just ain’t right. Then to top it off my delegate not only creates a temporary residence for himself, but says in print that if he wins, he will move fully into the district. BUT ONLY IF HE WINS. If he loses, he will simply content himself with making a mockery of the residency requirement to fill an elected position.

Ah, then there is the campaign he is running…in which he apparently doesn’t want my support in the first place.

Now, a small complaint here. I understand the economics of running for office, but I can only assume that a man who won’t even indirectly ask me for my support doesn’t want my support. And no, the act of putting ones name on the ballot is not an implicit request that you vote for him…it simply announces his eligibility. I get tired of candidates who run for office saying they want to represent me but do nothing to ask me to vote for them.  OK, back to my previous soapbox…

My delegate has spent four years in Richmond, yet somehow he wants us to think he is the new powerful wind of change who should go to Richmond to change the very things he has not done diddley squat to change in four years?  Riiiiight…

My delegate has spent four years voting in favor of anything remotely resembling a tax increase, but now wants us to believe he is the fiscal conservative who will protect Fairfax interests?  Riiiiight…

My delegate put out a hit piece attacking the governor elect, then claims he wants to work with McDonnell in a bi-partisan manner? Riiiiight…

Of course, it would be helpful if he could say why he was running…at first it was all about economics, then it’s about social issues (wait-no, wait-that didn’t work for Creigh…better back pedal)…then it’s about keeping “our fair share”…then it’s about two-party government…

Well, you get the idea.  He is infactuated with all campaign ideas and a genuine commitment to none…unless the can get him elevated.

My delegate claims the GOP is threatening cuts to funds to Fairfax County schools…which is of course a charge offered without real proof.  What he means is that if the economy gets worse, there will be cuts in spending…which hits everyone, including Fairfax County.  My delegate apparently believes that after four feckless years in the HOD, his elevation to the State Senate will allow him to change things.  He doesn’t say how, but it will.

My delegate is desperate enough for elevation that he is beyond caring what he says, and sends out hit pieces that are so over the top that even Democrats are rolling their eyes at them.

Then there is the matter of that elevation…put aside he is running in a thoroughly tasteless fashion, why is he suddenly so eager to run for the state senate?  Because he is scared.  He switched parties, has been a constant whiner without offering solutions he is willing to fight for, lead candidate recruitment for the Democrats in the HOD in 2009, and he knows that in the 2011 redistricting he can be in some serious trouble as a minority member of the HOD.  So he desperately seeks election to the upper house where he not only would be in the majority but would be something of a hero for building in a little insurance to the narrow democratic majority.  He isn’t running to serve, he is running to be able to sit safely in the legislature where he can continue his do-nothing ways.

So there we have it:

No substantive stands in four years in elected office;
No willingness to have his party take a stand, instead hoping to get power on the cheap without actually standing for anything;
Never saw a tax increase he didn’t like, but tries now to run as a fiscal conservative;
Claims he can protect Fairfax funding as a Senator despite never effectively doing so as a delegate;
Announces a desire for bi-partisan cooperation while attacking the GOP governor elect by name;
Embraces carpetbagging as a viable representative model for a citizen assembly;
Will only buy a home in his new district if he wins the special election-showing his true commitment to the Senate district;
By all appearances is running to protect his long term chances of serving in the legislature instead of a sincere desire to serve his constituents…in other words, he’s running out of fear.

Others may consider this list to be a legitimate record for election to public office-but not in this corner of Virginia 37.

On January 12, 2010, vote Steve Hunt for State Senator in the Va 37 special election.


8 thoughts on “Va 37 Spec Elec-Making a List…Checking it Twice…

  1. Does Mr. Hunt have no good points to talk about?

    It is worthless to read long diatribes such as the one above, when the mass of verbiage can be boiled down to: He switched sides, now we don’t like him.

    The fact is, millions of Virginians “switch sides” every election. Virginia is a place where our politics remains constantly blended. Most of us like it that way.

    Dave Marsden worked his tail off for many Republicans over the years. Now that he has decided to pursue political change from the Democratic perspective, that does not obliterate his core values, nor does it render Dave an enemy.

    I agree with those who want to see a debate between Mr. Hunt and Mr. Marsden. As of right now, I know Dave Marsden is a good Representative who works in concert with Republicans on many issues. I have seen nothing positive that warrants anyone’s support of Mr. Hunt, although I am eager to hear any real ideas that he wants to put on the table.

    Just having an R after your name on the ballot doesn’t add up to a bucket of warm spit; especially true here in Virginia.

  2. Mr. Garber, I am glad you could take leave of pushing the Dem candidate in Va-8 to push for my delegate. I know he appreciates any support he can get, especialloy given his record to date, his bouncing back and forth in this campaign desperately trying to find an issue to hang his hat on, and even the inability of supporters to give a substantive reason to vote for him.

    I presume he will reveal that soon after he offers some justification about how after serving four years in Richmond he is suddenly the fresh new force to go to Richmond and straighten things up.

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