Trampoline Tim Kaine-Arrogance, Hubris, or Dementia?

Tim Kaine has shown in four years a tendency to be on all sides of various issues-not unlike a kid jumping about on a trampoline.  But it was not until today that I realized that part of his modus operandi is a personal confidence that sits somewhere between arrogance and delusion.

Trampoline Tim has been going on a round of valedictory interviews where he attempts to spin his term in office.  It was the one with the WaPo that caught my eye.

The Guv says it is “unlikely” he would run for president, because “you have to give up way too much to do that job.”

And here I thought is was because he knows he hasn’t a got a chance in all the world to make it based on his mediocre record as an elected official and party leader.

He finishes up saying he could run for governor again. You know, “never say never”!

Oh, yeah…I can just see folks printing up the Kaine 2013 stickers, lighting torches, and getting ready to storm the Bastille for Tim Kaine.

His words convince me that his autobiography will be composed through the same rosy lenses his father in law used to write his autobiography.

Trampoline Tim continues to show himself little more than an old school marm with ambition. He wants change without being able to lead, and cannot see his political success has been a run of good cards dealt by other people-and the run of cards is over.

 To continue the thought I offered in June 2008, Tim Kaine has not learned from the example of his father-in-law…and he continued to the end of his days in office to find a his place in along with those cold, gray men who achieved high office through the efforts of others, and was unable to make things happ for themselves in either the statute books or at the ballot box.

Kaine 2013? Maybe…but only for an Obama cabinet.

UPDATE: Some may react to my thoughts as partisan…but consider a reaction to Trampoline Tim’s analysis of his term in office from the other side of the aisle.


2 thoughts on “Trampoline Tim Kaine-Arrogance, Hubris, or Dementia?

  1. Bwana:
    All I can say is that when you are right, you are right – not much more I can add. I have known Tim Kaine for sometime and nothing that he has done or failed to do surprised me – this was all about him and nothing else.
    Happy New year My Friend

  2. I think too many people retain a neutral perspective on politicians because they don’t want to rest on either side of the fence. It’s refreshing to see your honest and blunt perspective on Tim.

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