Va 37 Spec Elec: Marsden Dodges a Debate, the Democratic Platform, and a Permanent Residence

Barely 24 hours prior to the only thing approaching a debate in the Va 37 special election campaign Dugout Dave dodges going head to head with Steve Hunt by suddenly discovering a “scheduling conflict”.

I can only imagine that his fear of losing conflicts with his desire to win…or maybe he is just still waiting to find a permanent home in the district he wants to represent.

My delegate is doing a lot of dodging…judging from this analysis he apparently is dodging anything on the stump that can remotely be tied back to his party line voting in Richmond.

Seems like the only thing he is not dodging is finding the easiest place to claim residence in the district he wants to represent but doesn’t live in. It is nice of the WaPo to note the problem their endorsed candidate faces, but this carpetbag issue is not new. In fact, The WashTimes wrote about the residency matter almost two months ago.

Funny how in neither today’s WaPo article nor in their endorsement the WaPo overlooked this killing comment by Marsden to the Washington Times:

As to why he hasn’t already sold his house and moved to the new district, Mr. Marsden pointed to a lack of time and the state of the economy. However, he noted that if he does win, he’ll purchase a home in the Senate district.

If [he] does win“…can you imagine the gall of saying that for publication?

Hold on…with communication skills like that, suddenly his “scheduling conflict” becomes much more understandable…apparently the conflict is between his abilities and his ambition.

On January 12, 2010, vote Steve Hunt for State Senator in the Va 37 special election


7 thoughts on “Va 37 Spec Elec: Marsden Dodges a Debate, the Democratic Platform, and a Permanent Residence

  1. True dat…but then Marsden has confounded expectations about everything else, so why not do the same thing about showing up at a debate?

  2. the longer this election drags on it is showing clearly that Steve Hunt is the better choice for the Senate.
    Go Get ’em Steve!! Good Luck on Tuesday!


  3. Jeez. It’s “not perfect” Dave Marsden versus “monster” Steve Hunt. Sure, it would be nice to hear them both in a debate, although a debate on the issues that matter to me would hurt Steve Hunt a lot more than it would hurt Dave Marsden. I followed the Republican primary election closely and Steve Hunt is crazy to the right more than I could or would ever voluntarily vote for (Yeah, stick a gun to my head RPV). What does it take to get a moderate nominated out of the GOP in Virginia these days? I mean this is the 21st Century and this is Northern Virginia.

    Steve Hunt is a wacko right wing nutjob on social conservative issues. (That is as polite as I can make it; don’t push me further.) He’s proven it repeatedly on the FFX County Schoolboard. I’ve spoken to him at length and he says he would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER raise taxes for ANY reason (That includes good reasons as well as bad reasons). We just don’t need this kind of inflexibility combined with Mississippi social values.

    Bwana can make up all kinds of cute pejorative names for Dave Marsden, but it doesn’t change the fact that Steve Hunt could not represent my values in the Virginia Senate. This isn’t a choice for me, this is a certainty.

  4. Bruce, as we have discussed elsewhere that regardless of that cute names or harsh perjoratives-such as you employ above-Dave Marsden spent three and a half years in the HOD voting in favor of any tax that came up, and only started talking tax cuts and “protecting fairfax” when his seat was perceived to be at risk.

    Steve Hunt says he won’t raise taxes, period. Dave Marsden has proven in the legislature that not only did he vote for every substatantive tax increase that came along, he chided the GOP in the Burke Connection for not doing the same. It seems like it is a matter of everyone picking the inflexibility they feel most comfortable with.

    Each voter should and will vote according to the issues that matter most to them. I prefer a representative that will vote for tax increases as last resort rather than a first, who can actually live up to his/her claims ( like bipartisanship-DM putt the lie to the claim on the campaign trail; fiscal economy-claims it now while voting contrary to that concept in office), and who actually lives in the district instead of potentially breaking the law (as per the WaPo, who endorsed him) in the pursuit of ambition.

  5. Bwana, whole lotta fun with the competing pejoratives/cute nicknames (why don’t we just drop them?), but let’s get down to business, shall we:

    You talk about how Marsden can’t represent me because you don’t agree with the Virginia state law on residency. Who are you to question that law? (Are you some sort of Virginia State Constitutional Attorney?)

    This state and all states must fund their obligations BY LAW. Unlike the Reaganomics/Chicago School theories of allowing and increasing deficits (that basically are paid for by our children and grandchildren) DM and I believe in paying for OUR obligations and expenses as they occur. The RPV and the current GOP nationally say they want balanced budgets, but then they increase unfunded mandates, obligations and expenses and then they cut taxes. Tell me how Governor Gilmore paid for his cuts in the personal property taxes on cars, why don’t you? This just cannot be sustained. This is NOT the historic Grand Old Party I love and vote for.

    Let’s discuss a ticklish subject: Steve Hunt wants my schoolkids (or EVERYONE’S schoolkids) to be introduced to “Ex-Gays.” (It’s a FACT, see his letter to Fairfax County principals) Since Steve Hunt is such an authority on such matters have him tell me how I can become a person of the Gay persuasion and then change back. (As if I’d want to.) By the way, how is “Ex-Gay” “Reverend” Ted Haggard doing these days? That’s one of the last people I want my children to see as any kind of role model.

    Steve Hunt wants to indoctrinate my kids with his SEXUAL/RELIGIOUS doctrines and he wants to stick my kids and grandkids with state budgets financed through gimmicks and debt. (If you approve of him, apparently you do as well.)

    I’ll be sending you a less fit for public exposure (but funnier) email on these subjects. Hold onto your socks.

  6. As a resident of the district he seeks to represent I have every right to question whether he meets the law-and you as a potential constituent have the same right. It’s not that I don’t agree with it, it appears that he has not met the requirements.

    In fact, had he had time to purchase a home between election day november 2009 and now I would still consider him a carpetbagger….the legality of his move is a whole ‘nother thing. The fact is that he “suddenly” decided to move into a residence in the 37th because he wanted to run for an office. I accept that those seeking elected office are ambitious-what I don’t like and won’t accept are those whose moves are clearly motivated only by ambition…and who in service of that ambition has said in print that he will maintain a residence in the 37th only if he wins. It doesn’t seem like he has a burning desire to represent the folks he wants to vote for him.

    I will leave for another time the recent contribution reports that show he is getting campaign contributions from his “landlords”…which does not suggest he is living in a true residence or domicile. You know, money in with one hand to pay “rent”, then back out with the other hand as a campaign contribution.

    I know you are comfortable with your characterization of Marsden’s fiscal views….so was he being true to them when he was pushing tax increases during the last four years or when he suddenly did an about face and proposed a middle class tax cut at the same time that Tim Kaine was announcing state budget cuts? You make Marsden seem like someone with responsible fiscal views…the records suggests the only view he is truly responsible to is to whatever gets him reelected.

    I think before we get to discussing ‘unfunded mandates” I think I am going to need a list of those mandates offered up over the last 40 years or so by both parties…I have a hunch no one gets out unsullied.

    I don’t quite get his whole Ungay thing…but I guess I missed the whole indoctrination thing…but I know you will be sending me the lnks. if you want him to instruct you how to be straight/then gay/then straight…well, good luck with that-I will let you take that up with Brother Hunt. To answer your other question, I don’t now how Ted Haggard is getting along-I imagine he just another human being wrestling withe demons in his life.

    If he has been such a wonderful delegate- then perhaps he needs to stay where he has been doing such an upstanding job-and that would not require him to engage in thjis bizarre residency sham to run for office.

    If his record has been so good, then perhaps he should be running on the specifics of it.

    If he thinks his opponent is so unfit for office, then perhaps he should not have bailed on a joint appearance last week.

    Steve Hunt perfect? Not by any means. But better to deal with the devil know than the devil who tries to be all things to all voters at all times-based on what will get him elected.

    I remain-holding onto my socks as per your suggestion…

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