Ruminating in the Hour of the Wolf…

I generally get by gout, and now have congestion courtesy of Mr. Winter.  So after a night of coughing I find myself puttering down during the Hour of the Wolf with nothing to do…so it seemed a good time to ruminate.

And no, the Hour of the Wolf is not a legislative time, it’s that hour or so between night and dawn.

The special election barely 48 hours away.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  I would think that Hunt wins, but my delegate-even though I have seen nothing of his literature-is not going away without a fight.  I continue to find interesting is how he has orphaned his record in the HOD, yet his supporters in blog comments continue to talk about how well he has worked across the aisle.  Given that they can offer no examples of this, I can only assume his ability to work well with Republicans came when he was a Republican…

Interesting post by Paul Goldman at NLS. He suggests that McDonnell wants a democratic Senate so he has a foothold to raise taxes if necessary. Well, only Nixon could go to China, and I suspect that if a time comes when a general tax increase is necessary that it would be easier for a GOP governor to get it done.

Pete Carroll from USC to Seattle? I am sure that Carroll is headed to Seattle only if probation is headed to USC, courtesy of Reggie Bush…

Speaking of NFL coaches, is Wade Phillips job in Dallas safe after last night’s Philly thumping? I tend to think so, but only because after leading the team to a division title, 11-5 regular season record, first playoff win in over a decade, even Jerry Jones would hesitate to bring down the bucket of ordure on himself that would follow dumping Wade Phillips at this time. However, next year Wade will operate on an exceptionally short leash for someone who has accomplished what he has done over the last three years.

Re-labeling Nissan Pavillion with the moniker “Jiffy Lube Live”? This sounds less like a music venue and a seedy Times Square business circa 1985.

Michael Steele is an idiot. Always well dressed, often eloquent, but an idiot. And while I mean that in the colloquial sense of the word, he doesn’t seem to get the point that outside of party affairs the spotlight should never be on him.

Agent Double Zero is an idiot. I do not see him playing another game in a Wizards jersey, and his foolishness probably eliminates for a generation any chance of dropping “Wizards” and returning to “Bullets”.

Harry Reid is an idiot…but an idiot with 60 votes can do a lot of things…like flat out buy votes for health care. I do wonder if his special Nebraska legislation will pass constitutional muster.

Oh, I so hope that this is Russ Grimm’s year to enter the Pro Football HOF.

J-E-T-S…Jets! Jets! Jets!

I feel badly and left out that I missed the “what color is your bra” thing-a-ma-jiggy over at Facebook.

Just read Pat Conroy’s “South of Broad”. While he has a gift for language and clearly loves his hometown, I look forward to a Conroy book that is not at its heart made up of misfits banding together against life and a terribly violent force-be it physical or philosophical-to successfully find the light.

If you want creative writing, go out and read “the Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins (volume 3 drops on 8.24.2010). If you want an interesting take on the gifted child and societal needs, read “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card

I am sorry to hear about Bernie Kosar’s legal problems….

“Survivor” once was must see tv in Chez Bwana…now it’s not even on the radar.

“Friday Night Lights”= Best show on television

I wonder if I am making good economic sense and bad social sense in not taking the WMD to (comparably) expensive restaurants.

#1 son has mastered the Neutron Pick. The bodies fall down, but the building stays standing.

Tomorrow SWMBO begins student teaching, and life will be very different the Bwana household.


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