Marsden “Works Well Across Party Lines”…Really?

As you go back and forth across the blogs and see posts and comments there is only one quality that is consistently attributed as a positive for my delegate…and that is how well he works with the GOP, and how he “works across party lines.”

I have not seen it, and it if you look at the letters my delegate has posted in the local papers over his term in the HOD you will see he rarely has anything positive to say about the GOP.

But Marsden supporters, unable to offer records of achievement, energy, even a minor profile in courage, all come back to the same thing…”works well across party lines.”

The good folks at Crystal Clear Conservative took a photo of his door hanging piece, and the message once again brings home the almost bipolar nature of my delegates desperate efforts to jump to the other side of the General Assembly.

While his supporters attempt to paint him as a kindly bipartisan legislator-and apparently the sole reason they can offer to send him to the State Senate-he campaigns among the party faithful not upon his record but as a rapid partisan hack.

Of course, that whole one party thing was pretty cool to him when both US Senators, a majority of the congressional delegation, the Governor and one house of General Assembly were held by the Democrats…and even if he were to win this GOP held seat, the Virginia Democrats still have all those except for the governorship…which went away in November and is not on the ballot tomorrow (except when my bi-partisan delegate decides to attack the governor-elect for politcal gain).

Doesn’t really sound like a GOP-dominated Virginia, does it?

More to come on his letters, but this flyer shows yet again there is no extreme my delegate won’t reach in an effort to win a Senate seat in a district that he carpetbagged into and which he has declared he won’t move to permanently unless he wins the election.

We must elect candidates who want to serve, not candidates who are motivated by fear whose primary “want” is self promotion.

On January 12, 2010, vote Steve Hunt for the Virginia State Senate.


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