Typical Letters from My Delegate

Much has been made about the performance of my delegate as he attempts to carpetbag into the State Senate.  Many have talked about his record, the solutions proposed, and how well he works well across the aisle.

Then, take a look at this letter, written in June 2008-long before he was in a real contested election and was being held accountable for his comments.

It is typical of his public pronouncements. And, after reading it you will see that he:

1. Does not propose a solution, even the “Governor’s solution” he refers to. Remember, his letter refers only to Warner in 2004 and nothing about Tim Kaine.
2. Urges everyone across the state to vote out the GOP.

This is not unusual…in 2007 he castigates. about all those who voted against tax increases. However, as I wrote at the time:

Of course, this offers little cover for Delegate Marsden, who as one who has not signed a “no tax pledge” presumably had much more latitude to introduce and advocate for higher taxes. Of course, he fails to talk about what taxes he thinks should be raised. While claiming that a 1.5 cent tax increase on a gallon of gas would have raised the same $65 million that the abuser fees are attempting to raise, he never comes out and says he supports it. Marsden certainly provides no info to suggest that he introduced a bill to make this happen.

Note that this was also long before he faced a potentially hostile electorate and suddenly was all about a tax cut at the same time the governor was doing some serious budget cutting.

I mention them again as they are typical of what my delegate has been doing in Richmond…pointing fingers without offering solutions, claiming bipartisan credentials while being hyper-partisan, covering it all with glittering generalities, with the focus on the care and well being not of his constituents but on the care and feeding of his political career.

This method of operation is not working for us in the House of Delegates…is there a need to bump it to the Senate so the method can continue to not work in the other chamber of the General Assembly?

Come January 12 my delegate’s record, which he has chosen to orphan and misrepresent in this campaign, argues for a vote for his opponent.

January 12-Vote Steve Hunt


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