Va 37 Special Election-Vote Today!

Polls are open in the special election for the Va 37 State Senate seat recently held by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli.

Polls are open from 0600-1900.  Please vote-and when you vote remember the choice:

-For the (a) candidate who spoke for and practiced fiscal conservatism while serving on the school board or (b) the candidate who pushed for more taxes until he became a born again fiscal conservative when facing a hostile electorate in 2009;

-For the (a) candidate endorsed by governor-elect Bob McDonnell or the candidate who (b) claims to be the great bi-partisan but has consistently slammed the governor-elect while running in this election;

-For the (a) candidate who is a long term resident of the this district or teh candidate who  (b) can see the 37th district from the porch of his home of 35 years;

-For the (a) candidate who seeks solutions or the (b) candidate who prefers to identify problems and then blame someone else for not fixing them.

If you answered (a),  Steve Hunt is grateful for your support.  If you answered (b), have a great day, vote your conscience, and don’t be surprised when my delegate gets to Richmond and votes for every tax increase that comes along-just like he has as a delegate.

When you vote today, vote Steve Hunt for Va 37 State Senator!


5 thoughts on “Va 37 Special Election-Vote Today!

  1. You can make this one better by saying that the district has been invaded by Yankees. Cold weather doesn’t bother them AT ALL. They vote regardless of the weather. I write this as a proud member of the Yankee GOP.

  2. Bwana:
    As our friend from Emporia is so fond of saying – “The people have spoken, the MORONS!”
    Oh well, the consolation is that for the first time in 8 years we are inaugurating a Republican Governor and there is some solace in that.
    Take care and stay warm, remember Black Cherry juice and vitamin C and E will keep the gout away!

  3. Bruce, I take some comfort in the certian knowledge that if my readership was in low four digits instead of the low three digits the result would have been different.

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