Near Violence at Inauguration…

There are reports that prior to today’s inauguration there was near violence.

News sources report that Tim Kaine is so certain that more revenue is needed and so regretful of not actually attempting to raise taxes that he grabbed hold of Governor McDonnell and attempted to pat him down to see if McDonnell was carrying alternative revenue streams on his person…


Longtime Virginia politicos on the scene chuckled and said it reminded them of the Lee Trinkle to Harry Byrd gubernatorial succession in 1926.



After Trampoline Tim was led away to his offices at the DNC, it was determined the inaugural committee was a little short of funds…so Governor McDonnell decided to pass the hat…


Ultimately a good time was had by all.

Good Luck, Bob McDonnell!


3 thoughts on “Near Violence at Inauguration…

  1. My family attended Bridgewater College, and SWMBO is a proud alum of JMU. I pretty much majored in Jess’ Quick Lunch and minored in Spanky’s.

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