Proving My Grasp of the Obvious…

…it is snowing again, although it is quite mild here in Burke a t 1735…and we have American Idol and NCIS and its spawn to get us through the evening…

I can only assume there would be more snow pouring down except that all the illegals that Greg L believes are working up here have carried it back to Manassas with them. 😉

Came out of the snow fort last night (why am I suddenly flashing on the old Richmond War Room’s underground bunker) and trawled down the street to have dinner with friends…beyond that I am sincerely hoping to see someplace more than a mile from my home sometime before Saturday…

High on my list post thaw-new snow shovels.  Neighbors have had success with grain shovels-any suggestions on what to go with?  My current tools have been somewhat unequal to the task we have faced.


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