Rumors of My Demise are Mostly Wishful Thinking

Nope…haven’t dried up and blown away.

However, when SWMBO set up her student teaching for this term I didn’t grasp the full implications.  Some stuff I did foresee…she got up and out first, and I put the kids on the bus and left for work later in the AM.

What I didn’t realize is that between having almost no quiet time in the AM to reflect and write.  Having more tasks to take care of f in the evening took up more time.  The result…my time to think and to blog dropped down to about zero.  The last two months have been a time as I came to grips with a schedule that-hopefully starting in the Autumn I will be working from nine months out of every year.

Then there is the knee and blood pressure meds thing, but  I will leave that to another time.

Suffice it to say I’ve been busy.

Fortunately, there has been so little going on in public life there has been little need for me to comment (written with pen firmly planted in cheek, which while achieving a pleasing communicative effect is both difficult to achieve and pretty painful to ones cheek).

Of course, life is still full of the bizarro stuff that makes things interesting.

Have been having knee problems (right side, not the side scoped two years ago) in the wake of a Snowmageddon slip and fall.  Went to see the Ortho guy.  He says it is just something that will heal, and gives me a shot of cortisone.  When I get the reconciliation statement from Blue Cross, there is a charge for “Surgery”.  I for the life of me cannot figure out what this is all about…until I remember the shot.  Who knew that a shot could be equated to surgery?

The WaPo had it right when they said that The Cooch was the best thing to ever happen to Governor McDonnell.  No matter what BobbyMc does, he will always be seen as being to the left of Cooch.

I have always been a believer in bumper stickers and strips of gauging public sentiment.  I cannot help but notice how many “Obama” strips are still on cars, more proof that unfortunately for my brethren who seem to be convinced that Obama is a one term wonder that unless something earth shattering happens Obama will be somewhat Reaganesque-lose seats in Congress each year of his term in office, but win a second term.

Something new on TV-the Democratic National Committee of one flavor or another running ads for Gerry Connolly-eight months prior to the election.  Anyone who thinks Connolly isn’t vulnerable is smoking whacky weed.

The Perriello gas line cutting-despicable.

Jim Trautz has withdrawn from seeking the Va-10 GOP nod.  The convoluted withdrawal message at his website suggests he will run as an independent.  But I have to wonder-why doesn’t he just say so instead of putting out a note that reeks of a college sophomore composing a creative writing paper?  If you are going Independent, say so.  If you are w/drawing and not running at all, say so.  I hardly think the country will return to fundamental constitutionalism by someone who cranks out prose like “We shall see you on the ground, as we continue our campaign for America’s restoration.”  I am shocked he didn’t have an mpg of “Stout Hearted Men” playing on his site.

So far I like what Shanahan is doing with the Redskins.

I hope the Wiz give Gilbert Arenas a second chance.

Do to questions about my blood pressure meds, my doctor had a full blood test workup done.  Despite having high blood pressure and packing waaaaaaay more weight than I should, I came back normal in all areas.  Must be good genes-thanks, Mom and Dad!

SWMBO and the WMD head to OBX tomorrow…how will I stand the quiet?

A friend who is a die hard Cubbies fan turned down the chance to coach the Cubs in his sons little league.  Why?  Didn’t like the logo used on the hats the kids would wear.  Instead, he went to a head to head quiz with another coach for the Pirates.  After each answered half dozen or so trivia questions, the tie breaker question-How many Pittsburgh Pirates are there in the Baseball HOF?  Using Bob Barker rules-closest without going over.  My friend answered 24 and won over the other guy’s 18…actual answer is………40.  Who knew?

That’s it for now-be back soon!


2 thoughts on “Rumors of My Demise are Mostly Wishful Thinking

  1. Bwana:
    Glad you are back. Glad to hear you are doing fairly well. My only addition to your post would be that the shooting out the glass of the Cantor campaign office is equally deplorable. In both instances the reasons do not justify the actions. Wake up and stay active and put your energies into getting your chosen candidates elected. It is the only way that change will occur.
    God Bless America!

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