Cucci Rumi-nations

You heard it here first-get ready for a GOP brawl in 2013.

As a long time Ken Cuccinelli observer and constituent, there is much to like about our AG and much to drive you crazy.  However, one thing remains constant-he nails his flag to the mast and follows it regardless of what anyone else says.  As a result he takes on cases and causes that others would either prefer to leave alone or see no reason in pursuing.  Anyone who needs proof of this should just consider his tenure to date as AG.

The Cooch’s do as he sees fit tendency also extends to endorsements.  The Cooch recently endorsed Keith Fimian over Pat Herrity in Va-11.  Some will tell you it is a matter of ideological purity, others say it is a matter of pique. You will notice that most statewide officials stay out of intra-party contests-shoot even The Cooch stayed out of the special election to fill his state senate seat. Given how off the wall recent Fimian charges have been, in this case I imagine the needle moves toward the pique end of the scale.

What should concern the GOP in general is how Cooch will approach 2013. The assumption is that having filled two terms as Lt.Gov the 2013 nod will go to Bill Bolling-in fact, I have to imagine that was an implicit part of the agreement between Bolling and McDonnell prior to the 2009 election. Cooch claims he wants to be a long term Attorney General, but I suspect that come 2013 all that long term talk will go out the window.

Something will happen between now and then that will convince The Cooch that he needs to go in 2013, and despite the 2009 accord between Bolling and McDonnell, and despite McDonnell supporting Bolling, the Cooch will grab for the brass ring.

How will we know it is happening? Watch the former SenKen during the 2011 General Assembly primary seasons and see how often he endorses. If he is out and about endorsing in all manner of contested primaries, then we know he is hunting for a promotion.


4 thoughts on “Cucci Rumi-nations

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  2. Bwana:
    Again I believe you are correct, it is not in Ken’s DNA to sit back, he’ll go for it and then the Republicans will be left with a “Hobson’s” choice. Boring Bill or CooCoo Ken – now that is definately something to look forward to. Hopefully a thrid choice will emerge, we’ll see. Take care and have a good weekend!


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