Dick Black for State Senate?

TC reports that Dick Black-former Delegate, former carpetbagger candidate in Va-1, former distributor of plastic fetuses to members of the House of Delegates, is telling folks he is running for the State Senate in 2011.

Folks over there speculate that the Democrats will reapportion so that Black is running against Mark Herring in a heavily Democratic district. But Black has recently shown himself to be so electorally un-attractive that I wonder if the Democrats will take an “Ultimate Gamble” (imagine echoing voice) and not only not cut back massively on GOP presence in Herring’s district but also put Spike Williams in the same district?

Here’s my thinking-you put Williams in a district with heavy pockets of Richard Black Sympatico voters, assume the ability of The Right to turn out in large numbers will get Black the nomination-and in doing so knock out a strong contender in Williams-and then ride the Black disaffection that was seen so mightlily in 2005 to a win at the polls? This path potentially leaves democratic precincts that could be directed elsewhere as needed…

Come on Senator Saslaw-step up! Take the Black Challenge!


5 thoughts on “Dick Black for State Senate?

  1. Bwana:
    In the words of comedian Bill Engvall – “There’s some “good” news!”
    It is enough to make one pull the blanket over your head and say Make it it stop. Dick Black running for State Senate. Well, it could be worse, the Republican ticket could be the Cooch for Governor and Dick black for Lt. Gov – yeah, that’s a winner – NOT!!
    Take care Bwana,

  2. If Dick Black does not have a chance, then why write or worry about him? Why suggest a strategy to undermine a fair run…. scared that your Democrat/left candidates won’t have a great deal of support so you have to manipulate the system by moving districts?

    Yes, the Right will turn out in large numbers this time because the left sure has done a wonderful job for our local, state and national economy… or any other platform they may try to run on.

    You had your chance again and blew it.

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